1. This is the Deathmatch arena. I'm high up on one of the "pie wedges", there is a grid of columns half the height of the one I'm on in the open area below, plus a maze of passages and sniping holes all over the area, and plenty of hidden areas, weapons, bonuses, and aliens!
  2. Taking a look at the effects of my Flamer. The flames are on the other side of a giant fan door I was on the other side of just a few moments ago.
  3. Knee Deep in the... Slime?
  4. Decisions decisions, which way to go?
  5. My vision getting obscured by that pesky Alien Mist.
  6. In the loader, following a trail of flares.
  7. Following Vasquez out of a dark corridor.
  8. Outside the complex looking at the Dropship after it crashed.
  9. Leaving the complex to rendezvous with the Dropship! That's Hudson in front of me.
  10. Approching a ladder to go up to the next higher level.
  11. Looking down a dark hallway, note the swinging bare bulbs. Maybe I'll shoot one out...
  12. The sky as seen through a giant fan.