1. Looking through a window down to the next level, I just ended a battle between marines and aliens with my Flamer.
  2. Outside battling the Queen. The Medic takes a few potshots at her. Note Vasquex and Hudson dead already.
  3. Down in the room I torched, looking for survivors and ammo/weapons. Note the window I was looking down through before in the upper left quadrant of the screen.
  4. In a firefight on the Deathmatch level, a facehugger makes it's move.
  5. Hudson taking on the Queen!
  6. The Queen picking up and making mincemeat out of Apone.
  7. The Queen knocking Apone back through the air while Apone fires.
  8. A clearer look from above of the room I roasted with my Flamer (in my hands in this shot).
  9. A marine fires a few rounds towards the end of a feirce ambush.
  10. The fight's not over! A marine gets hit from behind by a Sniper Spitter hiding in one of the elevated camoulflaged recesses in the walls.
  11. Blowing away a Spitter with my Double Barrel Shotgun.
  12. More flames, a facehugger and a Ceiling Alien moving in for the attack.