1. Pistol -note the wider range (relative to the Doom pistol), not quite as accurate at the smart gun.
  2. Double Barrel Shotgun... for close encounters.
  3. The Smart Gun in action in the Hatchery.
  4. Taking on the Queen with the loader.
  5. Laying a mine courtesy of LucasArts... it hovers & rotates until it's armed.
  6. An unfortunate alien encountering my mine after it's armed.
  7. Punching my way through an obtrusive grate blocking the passage. Notice the feminine arms (Ripley's).
  8. A more advanced motion detector.
  9. The flame thrower in action (weapon graphic courtesy of Justin Fisher).
  10. Some of the ammo, items and weapons you can get- watch out, though, ammo will explode if hit!