The third and final chapter of the Doom2X trilogy comes in full force. You have survived so many battles, you stopped the invasion of Mars, but it didn't end there, they got to Earth, and destroyed your home, and they almost won. You were a hero to many, and then he came... ...Comtar. The lord of the X-world. He came and took the power of the Icon of Sin to enhance his own hellish mind. You stopped him in hell before he had the chance to convert the Earth...

...Or did you?

One beautiful day becomes dead and barren... the cloud formed so fast. No one had the chance to guess what was happening. Not even you... You remember the clouds swirl and then a beam of pure evil destroyed the city, you were thrown away from the blast. So fast, the beam was the last thing you saw before you blacked out...

...When you awoke, there was nothing left but ruins and dead bodys. You ran to what seemed to be some sign of civilization. But a guard spots you. You reach for your sidearm as a guard pulls out his, but you blow him away first.

Suddenly you hear a laugh, it calls your name and you realize that the voice is Comtar's He tell you that he survived the attack, your battle only made him stronger, and able to escape hell to return to Earth. He blinded you from this fact in battle, he knew he would survive only to complete his plan... ...he laughs again, thanking you for his victory. Your plan is simple, you must fight your way into Comtar's city to the heart of the enemies on Earth, somewhere there should be a way to enter the X-world and destroy the beam, cutting off Comtar's access to his power in the X-world, then return to Earth in finish him off. But there's one catch... Comtar's never that simple.

...Comtar's minion's have returned, the Ial's and some new enemies. And even the Icon of Sin's former creatures are more powerful. But one gun isn't enough, you need two now. And you need new powerful weapons to even stand a chance againist Comtar. For if you fail, the Earth will suffer the first strike of the more powerful and demonic force of Comtar.... ...It's time to go the extreme... in Doom2X-treme!!!

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