Map Markup

Hints in the map, additional markup for volumes, added by the level designer, and/or generated by preproessing tools, and/or extended at runtime and saved. One primary application would be an "AI Map" that assists the monster AI, e.g. by marking "hiding place" or "open space".



Moderate memory and performance penalty.


If the Q3 map processing tools just add certain strings to the ones existing in the map, and a single interface is used to query area all attributes based on entity position, mod authors could add whatever their special effects, AI, or physics needs, and have it passed through transparently to the Game Subsystem.

Remarks: This was partly inspired by, and competes with, the "AI Senses" proposal, and the AI Map from the "Artificial Intelligence" proposal, by Simon Templar and Todd Meijome, respectively.

Submitted 980405, revised 980420, comments to