Quake 3 New Suggestion

Submitted 980429, comments to bk@gamers.org.

Developer Kit


The QE5 editor binary and source, the in-house development tools, and any other tools, sources or art collections should be released on a CD, shipping with the game, or as a separate kit product.


Competes with other companies releasing game tools along with the game. Emphasizes the extension/open character of the product. Makes it easier to enforce a EULA that does not allow CD ROM distribution, while keeping in mind those majority of customers that do not have cheap Internet access.


Takes additional space on the CD ROM, which might not be available. A second CD might add to the costs of the product. A separate product might be too expensive, distribution-wise.

Putting it along with a sold product raises issues of support and maintenance.


In-house tools have to be wrapped up for distribution.


Unsupported release by Internet.


Art Reference Database. Also, from an e-mail exchange with John Carmack, 9 Dec 1997:

>Do you plan on shipping a TrinityEd for OpenGL with the
>game? In 1999, having tools and game running (or,
>for the former, at least crawling) on the same target
>might be relevant for sales. Running the game ref_lib
>for the editing 3D preview?

I hadn't really considered it, but we might.

Trinity is still likely to require extensive preprocessing, but loading the
ref_lib could still be a usefull workflow enhancer over running the entire
game.  I'll have to consider that.