Quake 3 New Suggestion

Submitted 980429, comments to bk@gamers.org.

"The id Files" - Art Reference Database


Full quality releases of the artwork under id Software copyright should be included on the Q3 CD, or an add-on CD for development.


This creates a large, official, standard Reference Database of textures and other artwork. It eases ports of DOOM and Quake map to Q3 and following games. It establishes "branding" by id look and feel. It adds value to the current product at negligible costs, and resolves legeal issues of using artwork from former games.


Takes additional space on the CD ROM, which might not be available. A second CD might add to the costs of the product. A separate product might be too expensive, distribution-wise.


Over the years, id Software accumulated a large set of high quality artwork - textures, sounds, but also models and sprites. From game to game, these could not be ported for legal reasons. In addition, paletted textures could not be used easily with different palettes. Problems are:


None. Conversion and legal issues effectively prohibit use of past artwork, which is unfortunate.

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