New version of specs

Olivier Montanuy (
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:21:25 +0200

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:21:25 +0200
From: Olivier Montanuy <>
Subject: New version of specs

Dear Quake hackers,

I haven't updated the specs in 3 weeks, despite all the new info,
because I lack time for serious work on them. Very sorry for this,
but work becomes quite involving (at times). Maybe it's time for
someone else to maintain those specs.

As some of you might have noticed, a few areas in the Quake specs
are real unclear: I list some here:

- Could someone confirm the surface edges are in clockwise order,
not anticlockwise as stated? I admit I said anticlockwise at random
(I knew it was one or the other. 1 chance out of 2, no?) but later
forgot to update.

- anyone could confirm the BSP split notes split or don't split the
surface edges?

- Could someone give a working formula or code for the layout of
lightmaps and textures? I roughly know, but don't have time to check.

- Some of you are working on the .MAP format. Your input is welcome
in the specs (I don't have any time for them).

Also, my BSP viewer WinTex 4.3 didn't make any progress in one month.
It's too rudimentary to be worth publishing (only wireframe).
If some of you know where I can get a second life for free, let me know.

With regards,

Olivier Montanuy