Re: Visibility lists

Steve Larsen (
Mon, 22 Apr 96 12:00:17 MDT

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From: (Steve Larsen)
Subject: Re: Visibility lists
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 12:00:17 MDT

> I've recently been messing with creating a homemade level from scratch,
>but have run into some trouble. My test level is a simple 128x128x256
>room, with 2 leaves. The level runs okay, but I get some strange problems
>during play. It seems that only the first leaf renders properly. (i.e.
>draws all the walls, etc..) While in the second leaf, none of the walls
>are drawn unless the back wall of the first leaf in in your line of sight.

Is this room non-convex, or is there some other reason you have two leaves
for one room?

One thing you might check tho. I had a similar problem if I used the same
plane for more than one surface. I am not sure why. I thought any surfaces
that were co-planar would use the same plane for caching efficiency. This
might still be the case, but I had a lot of problems whenever I tried it.