Standard configuration file

Tom Wheeley (
Mon, 24 Jun 96 10:55:20 GMT

What I am proposing is a standard config file which *all* editors and
utilities use to get info on their settings and peoples Quake location and
prefs etc.

To make things easier for Windows programmers, I suggest this be designed in
thw Windows .ini file format -- built in routines in Windows for these, and
easy enough for DOS programs to read. Putting things in the Win95 registry
would be nice, but difficult fro DOS / (Win 3.x?) people to access.

lines should of course be commented with a `#'.

Thus there would be a main section:

pak=c:/quake/id1/pak0.pak # Or whatever the name of reg pak may be

(perhaps including hardware settings)


Then people could add


to control editor specific settings.

This file (quake.ini ? editing.ini ?)
could be kept in the Quake dir, or perhaps in C:\ (messy) or in the path
somewhere. It should really be findable wherever the user is when running
their editor, encouraging people to edit files not in their Quake dir :-)

Comments? This would only work if most people used it, but I think everyone
would benefit. Perhaps source for accessing the file could be kept in the
source repository, to make it very easy for developers?


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