Added server polling functionality

Gustavson Guy W. (
Thu, 27 Jun 96 10:59:00 CDT

From: "Gustavson Guy W." <>
To: "''" <>,
Subject: Added server polling functionality
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 96 10:59:00 CDT

It appears that the methods used to query quake servers over the
net has stayed simular enough the Steve's qstat program still works
with the shareware version.

Tword the end of the developments cycle there was talk of adding
the ability to determine what players where on what server, and what
the frag count was along with other info. Did this happen? If so is
there a new version of qstat on the way?

Also Steve, the list I give to qstat for detecting servers has reached
several hundred by now. Occasionaly the last few severs return things
like 0/1238102987 players active. If you need a long list to check it
with I'll send you a copy of my current list. Also I belive that it
would be nice to allow the user to select the timeout for the servers.
Many of the servers don't appear to be returning info in two seconds
due to net lag I'd guess.