Upcoming: Quake Unofficial Specs 3.0

Olivier (montanuy@lsun80.lannion.cnet.fr)
04 Mar 96 17:30:14+0100

Date: 04 Mar 96 17:30:14+0100
From: Olivier <montanuy@lsun80.lannion.cnet.fr>
To: quake-editing@nvg.unit.no
Subject: Upcoming: Quake Unofficial Specs 3.0

The Unofficial Quake Specs version 3.0 (by Raphael Quinet and me)
are currently being finalised. It was distributed to a small
number of people, so that comments do not generate too much bandwidth.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please be patient, there are a lot of things to check and I don't
want to release a document containing mainly unverified intuitions.
I also need to build a tool to check in 3D.

This document covers the complete description of the
level .BSP models and entity .MDL models, and maybe
the .SPR files.

The .MDL files are not too complicated, most of you
probably hacked them out. They don't differ much from
the previous version, except in the frame table.

The .BSP files are rather complicated. If my specs are ok,
there not one but many BSP trees, in two major flavors.
That's because Quake apparently uses local BSP trees.
That idea of local BSP is new, but each of the local
BSP have a structure are remotely similar to the one
described in the Unofficial Quake Specs 2.2, and that's
why I could hack it out. yet it took me 2 days.

Last: I would like to list in those specs everyone who
has done a major contribution to Quake hacking, so that
it be fair to everyone.
Also I would like a list of all the WWW pages dedicated
to Quake Hacking.


With regards,

Olivier Montanuy. 100625.2622@compuserve.com
These are my views, not those of my company.