Re: mdl file formats

Magnus Landqvist (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 19:17:13 +0100

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 19:17:13 +0100
From: Magnus Landqvist <>
Subject: Re: mdl file formats

Brian K. Martin wrote:
> Hello, I have gotten tons of mail on the mdl format. So,
> against some suggestions, I'm posting some stuff to help yunz
> out. Note some info differs from the beta quake specs 3.0.

Just a small warning:
When Dave Taylor was asked why they didn't want to release any
specifications whatsoever on their .mdl and .bsp-formats he
answered that it was because the formats changed constantly.
Already they were different from the test1 release.
So make your editors and utils easy to change when
test2 is released.