Re: Quake tools in C++

Steve Simpson (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 08:18:35 -0500

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 08:18:35 -0500
From: Steve Simpson <>
Subject: Re: Quake tools in C++

Bernd Kreimeier wrote:
> > From: Steve Simpson <>
> > I'm interested in writing some Quake tools in C++, preferably using
> > the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). I'll be developing using
> > Win95 with memory mapped files. Are there others out there with
> > similar interests (i.e. using C++ rather than C)?
> All my tools (which are not primarily intended for Quake) are/will be
> written in C++. I do not think, however, that I will use the STL.
> >From what I have seen, gcc-2.7.2 still has problems with STL, and
> I consider UNIX (read: linux) and GCC (hopefully including DJGPP) my
> base plattform. Is there any particular reason for your suggesting
> STL? Haven
> b.

I'm learning STL and looking for a project to try to put it to practical
use. It certainly doesn't have to be used on this project. I'd simply
be looking for ways where it could be used. The important thing is
doing it in C++. STL is secondary but may be useful.

Steve Simpson