Map Conversion Utility, Anyone?

Tom Wheeley (
Wed, 13 Mar 96 19:14:16 GMT

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 96 19:14:16 GMT
From: Tom Wheeley <>
Subject: Map Conversion Utility, Anyone?

In article <> you write:

> In perusing the postings here, I've seen some discussions of homebrew Quake
> editors. If it hasn't been already, I'd like to suggest that a map
> conversion utility, which would convert existing DOOM maps to work with the
> Quake Deathmatch Test engine, might be a good first project rather than a
> full blown editor. My reasoning is as follows:
> We all know that the Quake data file formats are in a state of flux, so a
> full-blown editor would likely represent at least a not insignificant
> amount of wasted effort because the end result would not work with the
> next release of Quake. True, much of the investment in coding will be
> reusable with little or no changes in the "Quake Final" editors. However,
> the same is true for the routines developed for the conversion utility.

Not really. The only bits which are likely to change are 90% of the conv.
utility -- as it is the file formats and BSP generation which are most likely
to change. Quake will still be a 3D game, needing a 3D editor.

BTW, from the Quake specs it seems that the nodes etc of the BSP file are
reasonably well understood (well, documented, anyway..) So, how far has
anyone got with writing a `node builder'?

> Reaction? Comments?

I think that such a tool, although encouraging levels which do not make use
of the Quake engine, would be very popular and useful. (You could do a
template in a Doom editor, then change it later in a beta Quake editor)

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