WinTex 4.3 and Quake specs

Olivier (
19 Mar 96 09:34:10+0100

Date: 19 Mar 96 09:34:10+0100
From: Olivier <>
Subject: WinTex 4.3 and Quake specs

About WinTex:

I am currently addapting WinTex 4.2 to Quake, and that gives WinTex 4.3.

This tool is intended as an HELP for nodebuilder and level builder
programmers. It is not an editor (I don't have enough time).
It will display and let you check all the structures in the Quake BSP levels.
Texture display, wireframe view of the levels, (surfaces, BSP tree, BSP leaves)
already work, but the planes and visilists are missing.
I get 3 FPS with my wireframe viewer under windoze 3.1. Slower than Quake! :-)

About Specs:

The Quake specs 3.1 should be released in a few days, they will include
more info about the BSP levels and the MDL. All the MDL is clarified now,
including the lightnormalindexes.