Uwouldn'tHoldAThingLikeSanityAgainstAGuy? [RT]

Muad'Dib (root@sietch.bloomington.in.us)
Sun, 24 Mar 1996 10:38:02 -0700

Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 10:38:02 -0700
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Subject: Uwouldn'tHoldAThingLikeSanityAgainstAGuy? [RT]
From: "Muad'Dib" <root@sietch.bloomington.in.us>
To: quake-editing@nvg.unit.no

Responding :* Re: WAD Conversion sketch

> I agree. I was upset to see complete levels and mdl files uploaded
> to ftp and net sites. I think the level/model editors should not
> work with the shareware release, unless id gives an ok. I will
> most likely hold back the next version of meddle because of this.

This is just plain silly. It DOESN'T work with the shareware release. It
probably WON'T work with the shareware release. This is just a test version.
Goodness, people are scared of ID software when whatever you do can only gain
them more business. One of the few things I really hate about Quake right now
is that it doesn't have all of the specs and stuff they promised. If it looks
like there's no hope for getting an editor unless it's from ID, quite a few
people will probably become disgruntled.

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