Descriptions of Quake Utilities for a faq file

Tom Wheeley (
Sun, 24 Mar 96 23:31:27 GMT

Date: Sun, 24 Mar 96 23:31:27 GMT
From: Tom Wheeley <>
Subject: Descriptions of Quake Utilities for a faq file

Those of you who are on rgcq-support will have seen my skeletal FAQ file for
the Quake Test 1. Anyway, there is a section on quake utilities, and I
think it will be best if people describe their own. Rationale:

a) I couldn't possibly download every utility
b) I may miss an important facility
c) Personal bias against methodology etc (eg, I hated DeePs ASCII screens)

There are a couple of rules:

a) Not too long / imprecise
b) No deriding of other peoples utilities
c) your utility must be good (ie, not the dodgy UNPACK.C posted to rgcqe)

Here is a section from the index:

6 - Quake Utilities
6.1 PAK file utilities
6.2 Level editors (BSP files)
6.3 Model editors (MDL files)
6.4 Sprite editors (SPR files)
6.5 The QEU project

And a sample entry:

6.1 PAK file utilities

6.1.1 XPAK

XPAK allows complete manipulation of PAK files; listing, extracting
adding, creating, updating and the renaming of entries.
DOS only, command line driven. Filename:

It is probably best to mail your descriptions to me <>
preferably with this Subject: line, or one with `quakefaq' in it. :)

Thankyou in advance for your contributions.


* TQ 1.0 * 101 Weapons for Quake
78.  The 2" long kitchen knife.