RE: The GUI of Choice?

Barry D Bloom (
Tue, 7 May 1996 19:00:22 -0500 (CDT)

Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 19:00:22 -0500 (CDT)
From: Barry D Bloom <>
Subject: RE: The GUI of Choice?
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On Tue, 7 May 1996, Dark Shadow wrote:

> Also, although people scream at me when I suggest vis-bas 4 pro for an
> editor, the fact is that making a truly GUI-type, friendly interface is
> really child's play using ANY version of VB. As for the shouts that VB is
> slow as hell when compared to C++ etc (which is definitely true), external
> DLL files can be used for the functions needing speed (as you might have
> seen in earlier versions of Wintex which used LBWINTEX.DLL for external
> wad hacking functions). One of the advantages of using the 32-bit edition
> of VB is that it's much faster than its predecessors, and I think that it
> would now be possible to write a decent editor and / or utility using VB
> as an interface shell and using external DLL's for the actual hack and
> slash of the wads.

Are you actually proposing writiing a 3D Wireframe real time editor in
Visual Basic?


I'm sorry, that was rude.

Really now, have you ever tried to write a real world app (as opposed to
a little applet) in Visual Basic? VB is purely a tool for interface
*design*. Trying to write a complete application in it is a waste of
time. Especially if it is at all graphically intensive.

At my real job, we started an Internet application for windows. By the
time it was functional, it was so dog slow that it was unusable. We had
plenty of external DLL's doing the grungy stuff. It didn't matter if it
took the screen 2 secs for your form to update.

[stuff about the difficulties of C deleted]

Anyway, I admire your gumption, however, if a compromise is what you are
looking for, then Visual C++ really is the choice. MFC is no bed of
roses for sure, but many of the visual aspects of VB are present in some
capactiy in VC4. Dialog boxes and the like are quite easy to design and
program. Even GDI manipulations are relatively simple once you grasp the
concept of the device context in the framework of the CDC class.

Personally, I think it is going to take a Direct Draw appliction to
acheive the ultimate goal of 3D Preview. I have done some preliminary
testing with the Game SDK, and I can tell you that 640x480 full screen
Quake-like apps will scream. So, a 1/4 of screen preview window should
surely be doable.

Barry Bloom