RE: The GUI of Choice?

The Dewb (72614.2725@CompuServe.COM)
07 May 96 20:25:50 EDT

Date: 07 May 96 20:25:50 EDT
From: The Dewb <72614.2725@CompuServe.COM>
To: "'\"\"'" <>
Subject: RE: The GUI of Choice?

>Also, although people scream at me when I suggest vis-bas 4 pro for an
>editor, the fact is that making a truly GUI-type, friendly interface is
>really child's play using ANY version of VB. As for the shouts that VB is
>slow as hell when compared to C++ etc (which is definitely true), external
>Having said that, I've never really liked C/C++. Sure it's fast, but for
>most people who aren't necessarily computer science doctorates, C has a
>sharp learning curve. So we have to rely on a few geniuses in the field

Expanding on this argument [not to be a walking MS advertisement, but avoiding
it is becoming hard.. :) ] Visual C++ 4.0 is just as easy as visual basic with
much more power and flexibility. In fact, with the new Foundation Classes
(which admittedly _do_ represent a large learning curve) the GUI pretty much
writes itself. VC even includes OpenGL support and lots of other nifty stuff
that would help out in an editor project.

>DLL which functions like Meddle. Then you get the VB people like myself
>to write interfaces using those DLL's. So what's the result? The end

This is actually a good idea, but stuff like this never seems to happen.