The GUI of Choice?

Tom Wheeley (
Tue, 07 May 96 23:50:50 GMT

Date: Tue, 07 May 96 23:50:50 GMT
From: Tom Wheeley <>
Subject: The GUI of Choice?

In article <> you write:

> Also, although people scream at me when I suggest vis-bas 4 pro for an
> editor, the fact is that making a truly GUI-type, friendly interface is
> really child's play using ANY version of VB. As for the shouts that VB is
> slow as hell when compared to C++ etc (which is definitely true), external
> DLL files can be used for the functions needing speed (as you might have
> seen in earlier versions of Wintex which used LBWINTEX.DLL for external
> wad hacking functions). One of the advantages of using the 32-bit edition
> of VB is that it's much faster than its predecessors, and I think that it
> would now be possible to write a decent editor and / or utility using VB
> as an interface shell and using external DLL's for the actual hack and
> slash of the wads.

I hope this isn't drifting _too_ far off the topic of the list (or is it on
topic?), but have you tried Delphi?

I've found it to be a very good mix of C/C++ power/speed with VB's ease of
GUI creating and programming. I have a poor memory at best, but I believe
Olivier Montanuy mutterred something about moving to it for Wintex (apologies
if _completely_ wrong here... :-)

> Having said that, I've never really liked C/C++. Sure it's fast, but for
> most people who aren't necessarily computer science doctorates, C has a
> sharp learning curve. So we have to rely on a few geniuses in the field

Some people consider writing in Delphi easier than VB

> of C to write programs that don't crash and run correctly <cough..DCK 3.x
> is not an example!!> The best way to encourage development of good
> editors and utilities, in my estimation, is for a few of you C gurus to
> whip up some DLL's which cover basic needs for a utility, for instance, a
> DLL which functions like Meddle. Then you get the VB people like myself
> to write interfaces using those DLL's. So what's the result? The end

Well it _would_ be nice if djgpp could make DLLs... (I believe there is a
thread on this in the djgpp newsgroup)

> result is a easy to use while slower program, but which is more
> advantageous? Speed, or ease of use? If you make a bad-ass editor that's


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