The Quake Developers mailing list FAQ

Table of Contents


Posting Guidelines

What does the list cover?
What does the list NOT cover?

Look at the info file which is available from as well (see Majordomo description on how to obtain the current version). Get this file, keep a copy, read it, and please do not blatantly violate these guidelines. In fact, violation of posting guidelines will get you kicked off the list.

How to get kicked off the list?

There are minor and major reasons. Technical reasons (see Majordomo description for details on this) are considered minor. Depending on lag time and other details you might find yourself unsubscribed, but in this case just submit another subscription request as soon as your site's problems have been fixed.

Negligence, irresponsible behavior, carelessness as well as violation of the posting guidelines are considered major (again, see Majordomo description for a more detailed list). In this case, you'll het kicked of the list and you will stay unsubscribed.

The usual questions and complaints

This section is somehow redundant. See my Majordomo description file for the backgrounds.

How to subscribe?

Make sure your mailer inserts a valid reply address. Submit a simple subscription request without explicit subscription e-mail address to majordomo, NOT the list (see Majordomo description for details). If you have to provide an account's address, please explain as described in Majordomo description. If there's no obvious problem, and you haven't been thrown off the list recently, I'll approve your subscription ASAP. It might still take a few days, worst case, so please be patient.

Why haven't I been subscribed?

If you are not on my off limits list for posting guidelines violation, there are only technical reasons, usually problems with your reply address. Contact me at, and see Majordomo description for possible reasons. If your provider or postmaster isn't able to fix this, we might not be able to subscribe you.

Have I been unsubscribed?

Judging from doom-editing, this is bound to be the FAQ. See Majordomo description on how to find out if you're still subscribed. Do NOT post such a question to the list, or to me. I don't have the time to deal with somebody who is too lazy to handle this little thing himself.

Why haven't I been warned?

You have. Consider this FAQ your warning - you're supposed to RTFM. At times I might send a reminder or a warning to an offender, depending on circumstances, and if it's just a bit too much enthusiam on his side. Usually I just don't have the time for this.

Why have I been unsubscribed?

Take a close look at the reasons given in Majordomo description If you're still lost, contact me at owner-quake-dev. As far as time and disk space permits, I try to keep the delivery failure and bounce notifications, and you might want to submit a copy to your site's postmaster. Note that I might set up some semi-automatically handling of technical problems later on, and I can't guarantee anything. As long as you haven't violated the posting guidelines, we might simply try to resubscribe you.

Why am I suddenly getting the digest?

At times of low traffic, I might handle technical failures that are likely to be temporary by moving the subscription in question to digest mode. Consider this a favor, as the alternative is to unsubscribe you entirely. As soon as the problem is solved, you might ask me to move you back, but bear with me and be patient - I'm gonna take my time on this.

How to get back on the list?

Submit another request for subscription (see Majordomo description on procedure). It will be approved if there's been only a technical reason to throw you off in first place, if the problem has been fixed, of if I'm in the mood to approve. You won't receive any comment, wether I approve or not. If you need to discuss the topic, feel free to contact me at owner-quake-dev, and argue your case. No reply guaranteed, though. Nothing personal, just lack of time.

Why haven't I been unsubscribed?

You probably made a mistake. See Majordomo description on the usual pitfalls on this. Even on a closed list, unsubscription is entirely your's to choose - and your responsibility. I expect you to take care of this little detail yourself. Usually there's only one way to force me to do your work - loose your account, and I'll unsubscribe you to get rid of the delivery failures.

What other information is available?

What's new?

I'll keep updates in a ChangeLog file that will be avaiable here.

Is there a Quake Developers web site?

If you got this FAQ as some ASCII dump or printout, all the info is at home at http::// You'll find a couple of web pages dedicated to this list, and related info.

Is there a mailing archive?

There is a Hypermail archive.

Are there other Quake related sites?
Are there other Quake related mailing lists?
How to get more information?

See the FAQ's that inevitably will be posted in the regular newsgroups in the hierarchy. We'll drown in this stuff pretty soon, and I don't have the time to keep track of this. If there's a good page or ftp site available, I'll include a link here.

Is there a Beginner's Service?

As some of you might fondly remember, doom-editing was supported by a voluntary Beginner's Service. Steve Benner and John Wakelin that took care of answering beginner's questions that did not belong to the list by private e-mail. There's no such service for Quake Developers (yet), but I'd appreciate any (even informal) help on this. If you're tempted to answer an off topic question, please use private e-mail, not the list. If you're going to do this on a regular basis, I suggest using standard replies. Please let me know, I want to see your name in the credits, and a copy of the reply files on these pages.