Re: Editor GUI design

Chris Carollo (
Thu, 06 Jun 1996 01:17:16 -0400

Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 01:17:16 -0400
From: Chris Carollo <>
Subject: Re: Editor GUI design

Bernd Kreimeier wrote:


> 1) The Axial Bias
> Possible solutions:
> -Brush Templates,
> (sets of) polyhedra approximating curved, non-axial surfaces,
> just a libary

This seems like a good idea. Obviously primitives like cubes
or tetrahedra should be implemented, along with extruded regular

> -a separate Brush Editor (Mode)

For designing complex brushes it might be desirable to not display
all other brushes. Though I question how often people will be
designing complex convex polyhedra. Certainly editing at the level
of edge/vertex/entire-brush is necessary in some fashon, but each
introduces problems (convexity of brush, coplanarity of faces)

> -DXF/3DS Import

Importing from 3DS seems to be an everpresent request, but it never
quite seems applicable. IMO, an editor needs to be specialized
(especially when dealing with brushes) to be really useful.

[big snip re: view modes]

> Possible solutions:
> -mlook mode

A mlook mode seems useful in examining the layout of maps, and not
so useful in actually editing the map. When looking at a map at
some cockeyed angle, it no longer becomes clear how to easily
manipulate entities and brushes in three dimensions.

> -4 Views, three of them axial, one free

In Quest, I'm including four primary look directions (+X, +Y, -X,
-Y), and also the ability to look in the +Z and -Z directions (in
reference to primary look direction). All vertex/edge/brush editing
is done perpenticularly to the camera direction. This way, the
user cannot change the "depth" of any entity, which is fairly

The downside is that designing very complex brushes (no faces
pependicular to any of the view directions) can be a real pain.
I'm thinking of adding a "edit-the-current-brush-only" mode where
the camera can be rotated freely around the brush. My guess is that
the vast majority of brushes will _not_ be complex, and this will
not be a major problem, and I won't have to bother coding this. ;)

I'm also considering letting the user allow intermediate look
directions (i.e. at 45 degree increments instead of 90). Because
I'm kind of coding blind (not having the ability to really edit a
map yet), I'm not sure if this will be a problem or not. I guess
time will tell...

> Comments anybody?


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