RE: Editor GUI design

Olivier Montanuy (
Fri, 7 Jun 1996 15:10:29 +0200

Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 15:10:29 +0200
From: Olivier Montanuy <>
Subject: RE: Editor GUI design

>Construction of a level would probably be easier if you had only the
>`constructive' approach, not the `destructive'.
The "mine" image wasn't correct in fact
Building a Quake levels should be more like building a space station
(well, if you already practiced this as a hobby...). You start from a
room, and add more room elements. Convex, like the brushes, but instead
of being filled, their are empty.
The calculation cannot be more complex than with current brushes.
Of course, we could also use normal filled brushes (for some internal
furniture) but mainly it has to be done with empty ones.

It's as constructive as your approach, but with different stuff.
and at least you don't have to wonder about the "exterior", and possible
leakage (which are going to be a bore).

>Any editor worth it's salt will have both options of course. What we'll
>really need for Quake Editor Development is a set of CSG library functions.
Ok for the functions. But I think it's the current .MAP format that causes
troubles. Whatever CSG you use, you'll have to convert the result into a set of
filled brushes, which will make a lot of data.

> Note: I think a properly done isometric view-scheme is more important
> than the perspective ``walking in the level'' view-scheme.

I agree with this... as long as the level is some kind of building with layers.
With caves, it's useless.

How about VR helmets, now.