Sorta off-topic : Delphi

Jim Lowell (
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 18:46:45 -0500

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Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 18:46:45 -0500
From: Jim Lowell <>
Subject: Sorta off-topic : Delphi

At 09:29 PM 6/10/96 +0200, Mads Dydensborg wrote:
>There has been some people commenting about Delphi, and ease of
>use, etc. I too use Delphi (and prefer it to both C(++) and VB)
>- interfacing with OpenGL.
>- interfacing with DirectDraw
>- BSP file handling routines
>- PVS building routines
>- MAP handling routines
>- CSG handling routines
>- MipMap handling routines

I'm the guy who got Matt interested in Delphi and use is a ton myself. My
main interest in this direction would be to use Delphi to generate a set of
published free DLLs that other developers could use regardless of what
language they're programming in. If someone were to do this, it would make
tools-development fast. Delphi is a VERY easy language to get DLLs out in.

Of course, along those lines, if John Carmack were to encapsulate some of
his common NT Quake-editor routines into DLLs and publish the interface for
them, then we could just use those. Is John on this mailing list? Does
anyone want to ask him to do this? :)

-= Jim Lowell =-