Standard configuration file

Tom Wheeley (
Tue, 25 Jun 96 23:06:37 GMT

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 96 23:06:37 GMT
From: Tom Wheeley <>
Subject: Standard configuration file

In article <> you write:

> >
> > What I am proposing is a standard config file which *all* editors and
> > utilities use to get info on their settings and peoples Quake location and
> > prefs etc.
> >
> > [quake]
> > loc=c:/quake
> > pak=c:/quake/id1/pak0.pak # Or whatever the name of reg pak may be
> >
> > This file (quake.ini ? editing.ini ?)
> > could be kept in the Quake dir, or perhaps in C:\ (messy) or in the path
> > somewhere. It should really be findable wherever the user is when running
> > their editor, encouraging people to edit files not in their Quake dir :-)
> >
> What is the use of the ini file in the quake directory? how could you
> find the file if you move the directory? I think if you just have a
> .cfg file in the utility directory it is fine. Every editor is gonna
> have different needs. It will just be a mess trying to standardize it.

Please read what I wrote.

Firstly the sentence beginning "It should really be findable..."

Secondly the bit you snipped regarding separate sections for people's own
editors. Of course, the more info that can be kept in the main section
the better. That's why I suggested it here.

> On the otherhand, I would like to see a standard way for everyone to
> store their brushes (a brush file). I haven't looked at the quake ed
> source, but I would like to have this standard. Then I can make a brush
> editor, and all the map editors could use each others brushes.


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