This a Recipe for completing DOOM ][ Level 30, posted by Gordon Taylor
<an237@FreeNet.Carleton.CA> and uploaded with help of others as he
doesn't have FTP access.

Frans P. de Vries | | Rec.Games.Computer.Doom FAQ maintainer

This post is meant to be used only by those whose sanity
is being threatened by level 30.  It is a step by step
guide to how I solved this level on Ultra Violent.  It is
no guarantee, but it's worked for me repeatedly and I
have a rather weak computer (486 DX at 40 MHz with only 4
Megs of RAM which gives a very jerky display on this, and
other, levels).  I have no sound board so can give you no
audio clues.

We should all know the general strategy by now: after
teleporting in run West to end of ledge and hit 1st
switch, then run East to end of the newly revealed ledge
and hit 2nd switch, then run South West to top centre and
hit 3rd switch which sends central pillar rising.  When
pillar stops rising jump into slime and hit space at base
of pillar.  When it comes down jump on and fire a rocket
into centre of brain--launch when top of rocket launcher
"touches" bottom of goat's chin.  Jump North onto ledge,
kill Revenant, get MegaSphere and Radiation Suit, jump
back into slime and repeat pillar / rocket strategy.
Something like three to five rockets are necessary
depending on how well you shoot.  More than that means
you're doing something wrong and you should be dead.


What follows is a detailed, step by step strategy:

1. Start by saving the game twice, once as "Quicksave"
and once as "Level 30, Start".  If you screw up you can
always come back to the latter.  All you need for this
level are a few rockets, and maximum cell, health and
armour.  All are provided at the start.  Arm yourself
with the BFG 9000.  With left hand on shift key (running
mode), jump into teleporter.  As quickly as possible turn
left and run West along ledge (left arrow then up arrow -
some practice is required to make a perfect quarter turn
in running mode).  As you near end of ledge release shift
key to stop running.  The 1st switch is a bit around the
corner and it's best to "walk" the last little bit or
you'll overshoot it.

2. Hit 1st switch and run East.  It's a long run and
you'll want to floor it.  I put left hand on RIGHT shift
key and right hand on up arrow with a little left or
right arrow to straighten the run.  As you near end of
ledge release shift or you'll overshoot the 2nd switch.

3. Hit 2nd switch and run South and West to "top centre".
Monsters are already dropping down so fire the BFG west
at least once, more if required.  But generally you want
to hit the 3rd switch as quickly as possible on this the
3rd leg of your run.

4. After hitting the 3rd switch, exit west to collect the
blue sphere.  Fire the BFG as required to clear you path.
You have a little time on your hands now as it takes the
central pillar awhile to rise all the way to the top so
now take a zigzag path North and East, then North and
West, dropping down levels, and firing the BFG to clear
(partially and only temporarily) the ledges.  Your goal
is to arrive at the bottom ledge centre just as the
pillar stops rising.

5. Jump into slime, walk North and hit space at bottom of
pillar.  This sends it down.  Back up and cower under the
ledge where it's relatively safe, using the BFG to take
out any monsters in the slime.  So far you should only
have used the BFG about 6 or 7 times - remember that
after firing it you still have a few moments to redirect
the blast (it is slow but mighty).  Just before pillar
hits bottom prepare the rocket launcher.

6. When the pillar is at bottom, step on but don't
collect the rockets!  Try to stand at south centre of
pillar as it rises.  When the top of the rocket launcher
"touches" the bottom of the goat's chin, launch the
rocket.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  Imagine there's a pipe
through the goat's forehead, and that only by sending
your rockets straight down the pipe can you damage him.
If you see the rocket explode you've failed and you
should start over.

7. Assuming steps 1 - 6 went well, switch back to the
BFG, and run North off the pillar onto ledge, collecting
the rockets on the way.  Kill the Revenant, collect the
MegaSphere and a Radiation Suit and ... SAVE (F6).  This
is the only time I saved on this level--if I made it to
here smoothly with a good launch into the forehead.

8. Jump back into the slime and hit the base of the
pillar to bring it back down.  As the pillar is coming
down you may want to cower under the ledge again.  Use
the BFG to kill any monsters in the slime, especially
major ones.  It's hard enough getting on and off the
pillar without having these guys blasting at you.  Also
try not to kill them while they're on the pillar--it
makes it hard to aim the rocket.

9. When the pillar nears bottom prepare the rocket
launcher, then jump on and launch your 2nd rocket.  It is
useful to use the mouse to "fine tune" your aim as the
pillar is rising.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9.  After the 2nd or 3rd launch
you may want to jump North again for the Berserk pack and
the other Radiation Suit.  Otherwise, after a good
launch, jump off the pillar backwards (down arrow), then
up arrow to hit base of pillar, then down arrow to cower
under ledge, then up arrow to get back on and launch
another rocket.

If you've cleared the slime of monsters this is a time of
relative peace.  I think the monsters up above are
blasting away at each other.  But whatever the case
you'll know things are going well if the 3rd, 4th and 5th
rockets can be launched smoothly and you've had time to
fine tune the trajectory with the mouse on the way up.
If you find you're being blasted off the pillar then
things are going badly.  Return to step 8 (F9) and try to
locate the bad boys in the slime who are complicating
your life.

Well this is what worked for me.  I don't want to spoil
the finish for anyone but I felt it time someone gave a
more detailed strategy.  Use it as needed.  There's still
lots of work for you here and maybe a little luck is
needed but the above has enabled me to finish over 6
times in under 4 minutes with from 700% to 1100% kills,
which is reasonably efficient.  Having said that though
you must still expect to die about 80% time before you've
perfected your technique.

Gordon Taylor

"Never do anything always".