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                     Doom ][ Walkthrough v1.00
  These files contain short and to-the-point walkthroughs of every
level in Doom ][. I wrote them partly to check my worthiness to apply
for the D2M challenge, but mainly for the benefit of those people who
have trouble completing the levels of Doom ][. The files are:

d2wtintr.txt	-	this file, the introduction
d2wtbase.txt	-	basic walkthrough; no monsters, no secrets
d2wtscrt.txt*	-	secret walkthrough; no monsters, all secrets
d2wtmast.txt*	-	master's walkthrough; for the D2M, GM awards
d2wtupar.txt*	-	under-par walkthrough; for the D2SG, I awards

* = not yet complete

Where I write 'no monsters', I mean I'm not going to warn you about
the enemies. This would be very tedious, and not of interest to the 
general player (it's usually pretty obvious when you're going to face
some opposition, and when it's not, the surprise is part of the fun of
the game). If killing a monster is essential (eg 'Dead Simple'), I
have included it. 'No secrets' clearly means 'no secrets'; the 
exception is that I have made 'no secret' walkthroughs for the secret 
levels, which is perhaps a contradiction, since the entire level is 

The 'mast' and 'upar' walkthroughs are designed specifically for Doom
Honorific Titles candidates (for more info see 'DHTINFO.TXT'). The 
'mast' walkthrough describes (IMO) a sensible route, in which you 
encounter all the monsters in the level on 'Ultra Violence', which is 
necessary for D2M and D2GM. The 'upar' walkthroughs describe (again 
IMO) the fastest route through the level on 'Hurt Me Plenty', which is
of obvious value to D2SG candidates, and D2I also falls into this 
category, since on 'Nightmare' speed is generally of the essence.

I suggest that you first attempt to complete the level on your own. If
you are completely stuck, consult the 'base' walkthrough. When you
have completed the level, you may at a later stage want to know the 
secrets (e.g. if the next level requires more ammo than you have). In
this case, consult the 'scrt' file.

When you have completed the entire game, if you are considering 
applying for a Doom Honorific Title, I recommend that (after 
downloading the DHT rules and reading them) you select the walkthrough
most relevant for your title, and practise the levels you naturally
find most difficult. Read my tactics; if you don't like them, don't 
use them, but IMO it's always worth getting two views at a level.

And here comes the classic cliche of all things computer-related:


Need I say more?

In the unlikely event that you find a mistake in these documents,
please feel free to contact me and I'll put it right. I am always 
willing to answer queries, and any feedback (good or bad) on these
documents would be welcome. See below for contact information.

Prepare to meet your Doom...


About the author
My name is George Foot. I have been using computers for nearly 15 
years. I program in C/C++, Pascal, and BASIC, for Dos and Windows. I
enjoy playing Doom ][, Descent and recently the Descent ][ Interactive
Demo. I also design levels for Doom ][ (using DMapEdit). My interests
outside computing include rugby, hockey, football and tennis for 
sports, and I play the piano. My latest projects are a MIDI music 
composition utility, a game similar to Command and Conquer, and a real
time version of Worms.

I can be contacted by email at (please put 
'Attn: GF' on the subject line) or by snail mail at:

	44 Cedars Road, 
	Hampton Wick, 
	KT1 4BE

Please note that I am less likely to reply to standard mail (I've
always been hopelessly bad at it), and email will get to me much more
quickly because I don't live at my postal address all the time, so 
email is preferable.