Doom Shareware Secrets Help File.

                             Last Change: 06/Oct/1999

              v1.0 by Eugene Cohen

             Sent to me by Robert Woodhead <>

              Distributed by Ian Mapleson (

      Level 1:1-3 info added Oct-99 by Brent D Miller <>

DMSECRET.TXT    v1.0 by Eugene Cohen

sent by Rob in Finland.

Legal Rules:
(If you want to include this in the DOOM FAQ, that's
cool too.  Just gimmie some credit. :) )

This file documents every secret there is in the nine levels of the
shareware version of DOOM. This does not document things that you may
consider to be secrets, it only tells you what is required to get a 100%
secret ratio, and a little bit more.  I found all these secrets myself; I
didn't rely on anyone else to tell me anything, so all the vagueness and
mistakes are mine. On this quest to find all the secrets, I found a bug in
DOOM (that's right) that most people would never have noticed. In level 6
you can get a 100% secret ratio without finding the secret computer area
map. I don't know where other similar bugs may occur, but I feel proud to
find such a rare case in a game so excellently coded. So, without further

Level 1

1-1     At the end of the room of ooze, check the discolored wall on the
        right.  This leads to a blue armor suit.

1-2     When you cross the barrel in the room before the exit room, the
        ledge that the pesky imps were shooting you from in the ooze room
        lowers.  Go back and check it out.

1-3:    After lowering the pesky imp ledge (1-2), if you go back
        through the curved hallway into the "blue" room, a floor
        board in the hallway lowers a small elevator in the chamber
        where the pesky imps were.  If you run quickly from the blue
        room, across the ooze and into the imps' chamber you should
        see the elevator on the left side.  There is just enough time
        to hop onto it before it rises.

Level 2

2-1     After entering the level, check the right side of the little complex
        in the middle.  There is a discolored wall.  Check this to find
        goodies and a button.  This button opens a wall in the room with the
        red keycard that lets you outside to a supercharge!

2-2     When you open the red door, take a right into the room of ooze.
        Cross the ooze quickly and flip the switch behind the pillar.  This
        opens a secret door back in the hallway that leads to a giant
        computer room.

2-3     In the computer room, you will find a place with two vertical strips
        of silver on the wall.  Check the wall between these strips to
        find a backpack full of ammo.

2-4     In the room with the annoying slow flashing light (the one that goes
        to black), shoot the outside wall next to the green armor.  This
        leads to a room with your first chainsaw.

2-5     The staircase to the above-mentioned room has a silly secret too.
        Check the walls of this staircase to find a room with a few armor
        powerups.  Big deal.

2-6     Later on, the staircase going to the room of ooze with the winding
        path, has a small nook on the left.  Stand in that nook and you'll
        find a secret elevator.

2-7     Before the big elevator, there is a discolored wall on the left.
        Check this for a secret passage to the big room.  Be careful on the
        harder levels, however.

Level 3

This is the level that contains a "warp" to the famous ninth level.  Don't
use this warp right away though if you intend to get 100% secret.  Read on.

3-1     The red button in the room with the short down-going staircase opens
        a secret door, near the big door that you came through.  Go through
        this secret door, and up the staircase.  Kill all the bad guys, blow
        up all the barrels, and get the yellow keycard.  Make sure the room
        is clear of obstructions.  Go back to the foot of the staircase, and
        face the top of the staircase.  Say, did you hear that sound as you
        walked down the staircase?  That was the sound of two secret panels
        opening in the room.  Wait until you hear the sound of the panels
        closing.  This would be a good time to learn how to use the run key.
        The default setting for the run key is SHIFT I believe, and you will
        HAVE to use this key to find these secrets.  (Personally, I always
        run everywhere in DOOM!)  *RUN* up the staircase and to the LEFT
        side of the computer room, and run up the the funny-looking opening
        on the left.  Stand there, and a secret passage will appear.  If you
        mess this up, it's okay, just go to the foot of the staircase and
        try again (and again, and again).  This will get you the supercharge
        you saw as you came into this part of the level.  Get this.

3-2     Don't exit the above-mentioned room without reading this!  On the way
        out of this room that ledge will lower along with another ledge to
        your left.  You need to *RUN* to that ledge, and stand on it to find
        the other secret passage.  This time you only have one chance!  I
        suggest you save your game here.  When you do this successfully,
        you'll find your very first rocket launcher.  Use the rockets
        sparingly, they're too valuable to waste.  (Unless you use cheat
        codes, of course!)  Follow the ooze river clockwise until you find
        the switch.  Throw this switch, and check the discolored wall to
        your right.  This leads to a room with your first Chaingun!  By now,
        you should have every weapon available in the shareware version of
        DOOM, congratulations.
3-3     When you are back in the hall that you came in, you'll see a flashing
        wall to your right.  Open this, and carefully shoot all the guys you
        see down there.  This can be especially painful if done incorrectly.

3-4     In the outdoor area with the sniper imp and the pits of ooze, jump
        in the middle pit.  Trust me!  There you'll find a switch.  Throw it
        quickly, and wait.  Cool, eh?

        (Now get the blue keycard, and enter the main area.  You'll notice
        that there is a bridge across the pit of ooze.  This leads to the
        "warp zone" but don't cross it yet, there's one BIG secret still to

3-5     In the room with the imps shooting you from the far away ledge, there
        is a pressure-activated step in the entrance to this room.  You'll
        hear the sound of a door opening.  When you hear this, back up to
        the room with the blue door, and go through the secret door.  When
        you're inside, don't bother shooting the imp, take the staircase to
        your right, and get him that way.

3-6     That yellow door you see leads to a feast of goodies.  Go ahead and
        pick up all the gear.  Be careful on the hardest setting, however,
        there are snipers outdoors that will, well, snipe you.

3-7     You now have my permission to cross the bridge into the warp zone.
        Check your three o' clock at the end of the long hallway, there are
        a few dudes there.  After toasting them, continue to the big room.
        The walls open up, and, if you're playing on the hardest setting, you
        are bombarded with fireballs from imps.

3-8     Don't throw that switch at the end quite yet!  Check the wall
        opposite to find an elevator leading to the imp's hideout.  Take the
        box of rockets, and now you're set to warp!

(Perhaps a more appropriate name for level nine would be level three and
a half, but that would probably confuse things more.  It does seem more
appropriate to insert it here, however.)

Level 9

9-1     When you take that elevator to the outdoor area with the three imps
        on the pedestal, don't forget to walk through the ooze to the area
        on the left.

9-2     In the North-East part of the room with the four torches, stand in
        the corner to find a secret elevator.  Cross the ooze, get the
        goodies, and activate the elevator on the other side.  Neato!

9-3     There is a secret on the right of the room with the blue door.  Look
        for discoloration.  I hope you have more luck with this room than I
        did.  When you step on the last step of the staircase, a pillar comes
        down at the far side of the room.  Run over to it and stand on it.
        From there however, your guess is as good as mine.

9-4     To get out of this level, you have to jump into the moat of ooze, to
        find the switch that makes the bridge.  After throwing that switch,
        turn around and there should be a secret door to your left that is
        linked to a pressure sensitive floor tile.  Run through that door
        (don't you hate ooze right about now?)  and get the heck outta there.
        Cross the bridge, throw the switch and that's it for the warp level.

Level 4

4-1     Immediately when you enter the level, on your right is a discolored
        wall.  Check it.

4-2     In the Imp and barrel room, jump into the moat and turn left.  Get
        the goodies.  The elevator you see leads to a powerup.  Save now in
        case you mess up.  Stand in front of the switch, activate it, and
        strafe right.  Don't jump of the ledge after getting the powerup,
        go back around.

4-3     Follow the river to the other side, and use the elevator to get out.

4-4     Walk along all the outside walls of the blue room.  When you step on
        A pressure sensitive floor tile in one corner, the inside walls lower
        and reveal some rocket supplies.  The floor now has a swastika on it.
        Does this remind you of Wolfenstein?  I wonder if Hitler is in the
        last episode of DOOM too.  Who knows?

        (Be careful when you see the "cage" with the imp in it across the
        lake of ooze.  If you blow up the can there, it seems that you can
        ruin the switch that activates the bridge to the exit.  I've made
        that mistake too many times.)

Level 5

5-1     In the room overlooking the lake of ooze with all the guys shooting
        you, there are two barrels.  Blow these up, and check the wall
        behind them.

5-2     In the room with the narrow path and the ocean of ooze, jump right
        in the ooze and make yourself comfortable.  The discolored wall in
        the north-east corner hides some nice treats.

5-3     In the room with the two pillars in the pool of ooze, check the wall
        directly opposide the green-red switch.  You'll find a radiation
        suit.  In that tiny room, check the left wall to find another
        chainsaw.  Check yet another wall to get outside and get a

5-4     After killing the badguys and throwing the red-green switch, stand on
        the north pillar in the ooze.  On the way up, jump off it onto the
        ledge with the blue armor.

5-5     In the blue comptuer room, two spaces to the left of the red button
        is another secret passageway.

5-6     In the really dark room, follow the outside wall to the left, and
        you'll find a room with Light Amplification Visors.  That makes life
        a little easier.

5-7     Now that you can see, check the center of the formation of inside
        walls for a silly secret door.  Hey, Mr. ID!  Who was the ad-wizard
        that came up with this one?!?

Level 6

6-1     The main path through the ooze has a small opening on the north side
        of the west part of the path.  (Got that?)  Cross the ooze to this
        room and get the goods.  Look out for the explosive barrels.

6-2     After taking the blue keycard, jump into the right side of the ocean
        of ooze.  Look around and take the radiation suit.  Go to the middle
        part of the ocean and enter the ooze cave.  Ride the elevator and get
        the supercharge.  Now go to the right side of the ocean and get those

6-3     On the way to the blue door along the small path through the ooze,
        there is a floor tile right before the blue door that activates
        the ledge that the darn imp(s) was shooting from.  This leads to
        a world of goodies.  Cross the ooze to this place, but DON'T take the
        radiation suit yet.  Check the back wall.

6-4     Go through the blue door into the complex of ooze pools and '+'
        paths.  In the eastmost tunnel, along the eastmost wall, there is
        a discolored part.  Check that for a computer area map.  Go back out
        the door you came in.

6-5     On the way out, get that radiation suit, and cross the ooze completely
        to the other side.  Take a right, blow away some imps, and follow
        the long twisty tunnel to the other side.  The door you see takes you
        outside.  Go near the pillar with the powerup, and get on it.  Open
        the not-so-secret door and kick some butt!  The rest is pretty

Level 7

7-1     When you get the red card, a secret door opens in the big computer
        room.  Check the left wall of the secret room and you'll find a path
        outside leading to the partial invisibility orb.

7-2     That rising and lowering pillar can help you.  Jump off it as it
        rises over the ledge, and find the goodies in the pool of ooze.
        First, jump off the left side, and get the stuff in the corner.
        Now do the same thing, but jump off the right side.  I hope you're
        ready to run through some ooze.  Find that radiation suit and put
        it on!  

7-3     We're still in the above-mentioned ooze.  After finding the suit,
        push the red button that reveals a staircase.  Climb the staircase,
        and throw the red-green switch.  This reveals a chainsaw in a
        remote computer room.  (It doesn't have an elevator in the middle of
        it, it's the one with the elevator near the enterance.)

Level 8

8-1     Ride the elevator that's on the other side of the tiny ooze pit to
        refuel your ammo and health, and to get a computer area map.

8-2     Going down the staircase, look for the discolored wall on the right.
        It's a supercharge!  Well that's it for the secrets.  I hope you feel
        like you've actually accomplished something in life.

                               ---*( END )*---