Doom Spoilers List

                          Second edition, 6/Apr/95

                   By Ian Mapleson <>

This file contains some hints and tips on how to solve certain puzzles found in
various parts of Doom I.

Contents (ie. questions covered):

1. Where is the entrance to the secret level in  episode 2?

2. How can I kill the Cyberdemon at the end of episode 2?

3. How can I get into the secret room to the right of the blue key
   in E2L2?

4. I seem to be missing a secret in E2L2. Any idea where it is?

5. How do I kill the two Barons of Hell at the end of episode 1?

6. How do I do E1L1 (Hangar)? (this covers the entire level: how to get
   the power armour outside, how to find the new secret that is in v1.2,
   and is in fact a complete solution to the entire level).

7. How do I do E1L2 (Nuclear Plant)? (this covers the entire level: how to
   find the first chainsaw, the chaingun, the backpack, and so on. It is a
   complete solution to E1L2).

8. How do I do E1L3 (Toxin Refinery)? (this covers: 'How do I raise the
   bridge?', 'How do I get to the secret level on E1?', and is in fact a
   complete solution to E1L3).

I shall add further spoilers to this list when and how I feel like it. :)

Many thanks to all those who wrote the spoilers in this file that I did not
do, especially Paul Robinson <PAUL@TDR.COM>, for solutions 5, 6 and 7.

                               SPOILERS LIST

(this help is from (L.S. Rosenquist))

Q: Where is the entrance to the secret level in episode 2?


It's in level 5: there's a green room with a light-amplifier visor in it.
Enter the door with the skull on it (and the demon(s) in it) and push the
switch. Walk out of the room and turn right. There are now stairs going
into the wall, which is fake. Enter the teleporter, you're now in a
circular room; find the secret door (the wall with the face on it) to go
to the next circular room and enter the teleporter. Now you can go to the
exit and The Fortress of Mystery!



Q: How can I kill the Cybderdemon in E2L8?


There are three main ways:

a) Just battle away with rockets/chaingun/shotgun/etc. It _is_ possible and
   takes about 30+ direct hits to do the job.

b) Shoot the Cyberdemon with a chaingun through the gap between one of the
large external pillars and the central building. The gap is too narrow for
the Cyberdemon's rockets to get through. Note that sometimes the beast gets
smart and turns the corner, forcing you to run on to the next pillar, but
this doesn't happen often. Just keep an eye out.

c) Lead the Cyberdemon into one of the rooms that form part of the central
section. Then stand on the stairs on the other side of the room so that you
are looking over the central small pillar at the bad guy. If you get the
height right (ie. which step to stand on), and this isn't difficult, the
rockets will hit the pillar, not you, but you can still shoot the cyberdemon
with your rockets.

(b) and (c) are really cop-outs but they're useful if you get really stuck.

the real key to killing the Cyberdemon using method (a) is to learn how to
strafe really well. If you can dodge individual rockets reliably, then you'll
do just fine (yes, this _is_ possible. It just takes practice).

If ever there was a level that sharpens your strafing skills, E2M8 is it! :D



Q: How can I get into the secret room to the right of the blue key
   in E2L2? The place where there's a green slime pit with two pads to
   jump across? I can see it on the map, but how do I open the secret?


I found this out by accident. A quick diagram should help
(very roughly drawn):

                      way out
                             |    __
                     |       |   |  |   <---- secret room.
                     |       |   |  |
               ------         --------
              |      blue key         |
              |                       |
              |                       |
              |                       |
              |                       |
              |                       |
              |                       |
              |                      *|
               ------         --------
                     |       |       .
                     |       |      / \
                     |       |       |
                      way in         |
See the bit where the asterisk is?   | Well, roundabout there
is a pressure pad. When you walk over it, the door to the
secret room opens for just long enough to run across and grab
the goodies (not going to tell you what's inside, heh heh!).
Use the run button on the mouse AND the up arrow key - that'll
give you extra running speed (or SHIFT + up arrow).

BEWARE though! The pressure pad only works ONCE. If you miss
the door the first time, that's it. No more chances; so save
your position before you go for it.

Also: the pressure pad area is 'lit up' with a faint light. You
can't really miss it once you see it.



Q: I seem to be missing a secret on E2L2. Where is it?


There's a secret in the warehouse area around the middle left of
the map (go downwards along the wall towards a brown box that blocks
your way, then press the box).



Q: How do I defeat the two Barons of Hell on Episode 1 Level 8?


At the start, shoot a barrel to get rid of most if the pink demons. Use the
elevator on the far side of the pit to find some ammo, health kits and
computer area map. When going down the stairs, look for a patch of discoloured
wall on the right - it's a secret door, behind which is a supercharge sphere.

Watch our for the pink demons in the rooms to the left and right of the
corridor. Those rooms also contain some useful ammo.

One way to defeat the barons is as follows:

Lead the barons towards the far side of the star room so that they can be seen
from the entrance way where you came in (ie. the Barons' line of sight
would be able to see the entrance way inbetween the two pillars).

Then run back to the entrance area, so that you can see them between the two
pillars, and wait. The Barons will head for that area, but their acid balls
won't make it over the top of the ledge, so you can safely shoot the Barons.

As for the spectres, when you first enter the star room by the lift, just wait
at the entrance way and take them out with the chainsaw.

When no more arrive, run for the invisibility sphere. Use the barrels to
kill/damage the remaining spectres, and also try and get the barons to fight
the spectres (which will save you ammo). This is easy to do: just get a spectre
between you and a baron. The acid will hit the spectre and they will fight
each other.

It is also _possible_ to get a baron to commit suicide. This is done by getting
them to fire at you when they're too close to a barrel. What happens is that
the barrel explodes, harming the baron. But because the game works by the
creature fighting whatever caused the damage, they just stand there and shoot
themselves to death! :D It's really funny to watch. :) I think there's a lmp of
it on the Doom ftp site somewhere. Can't remember the name though.

Finally, once you get outside, take out the other creatures and then head for
the steps. Press the switch to raise the steps.

When you run up the steps onto the star shape, you'll teleport to a room where
you'll die amid a torent of attacks. This is the end of episode 1. You have to
die because episode 2 is set in hell, you see. :-)

If you want to see what's actually in that last room, use the idbeholdv and
idspispopd cheats to get into the room. As long as you have idbeholdv keeping
you invulnerable, you'll survive. As soon as you let the invulnerability wear
off, the toxic floor in the room will kill you. Oh, use idbeholdl as well
so that you can see what's going on.



Q: How do I do E1L1?

(Many thanks to Paul Robinson <PAUL@TDR.COM> for this info. - Ian)


Note: there are health, ammo and extra armor items all over the place;
grab them as you find them.

1.  As you start, far in front of you is a window showing a pit in
    the middle of an outside compound.  On your left is two men at
    the top of a flight of stairs shooting.  If they see you, they
    will shoot you too.
2.  You may continue on to step 7, except that you will only have a
    pistol against men with shotguns.
3.  You can go over there and shoot at them.  Once you kill both of
    them, you have two choices.
4.  First choice: run up the stairs, grabbing their shotguns either
    after you reach the top of the stairs or on the way back.  At the
    end of the room is a green (100%) armor.  Grab it, then go down
    after the two men below, who are on the right and left sides of
    the stairs.
5.  Second choice: go to the right or left side of the stairs, shoot
    and kill the shotgun bearer there, then grab his shotgun and
    shoot the other one who is now coming after you.  Climb the stairs
    and grab their shotguns and the armor, then come back down stairs.
6.  Come back out to the entrance room.  Move to your left to a
    corridor on the left.
7.  Continue forward down the corridor to the door.  Aim your gun or
    shotgun at the center of the door; there will be about six men
    inside the area.  Strike the door and start blasting; you should
    kill at least one of the three men in the center.
8.  Take out whoever you missed as quickly as possible.
9.  For maximum effect at minimum damage, backup and wait for the
    door to close; re-open, come inside the room and back out; this
    causes them to see you and come after you.
10. Back from beind the door (giving you the opportunity to let the
    door close or to run further back), shoot them as soon as they
    come into view.  Count your enemies; three in the center, one on
    each side of the door, and one who usually comes on the right.
11. Carefully enter the room watching for bad guys.  Grab any ammo
    and shotguns off their dead bodies.
12. You can move to the right or the left of the center area; I
    recommend left.
13. Behind the center area between it and the next corridor is another
    gray shotgun carrier; shoot him as soon as you see him.
14. There will be some blue health vials in the center corridor as well
    as another man, so kill him fast and grab the vials.
15. As you come forward into the "zig-zag path" room, there will be your
    first exposure to brown fire-shooting enemies, on the tower at the
    back right of the room in addition to men shooting at each other
    and you.  Aim for the browns with your shotgun but be careful to back
    up and move to the sides to avoid the fireballs they shoot at you.
    Out the window on the right you can see a compound with a pit.
16. After you get everyone in the area, you should move forward to the
    short corridor before the next door.
17. If you want the first secret room, about 1/2 way on the right is
    a door that is discolored green; strike it to expose the first secret
    area which leads to a stairway down and two men with shotguns.
    Shoot first and ask questions later.  At the bottom of the stairs is
    a large health kit if you need it; save it until you come back.
    Continue forward up the next stairs which lead to the compound you
    saw in steps 1 and 15; in fact, from here you can see the window of
    the entry room and the "zig-zag" room.  In the middle of the pit is
    a blue 200% armor.  If you move fast (hold the shift key while using
    the arrows) you will only take about 2-3% damage.  Go back to the
    stairs, down and take the health kit if you have less than 100%
    health.  Continue forward back up the stairs and strike the door
    to return to the corridor, and turn right.
18. Continue forward to the door, and aim for the center of the door.
    Strike the door and begin blasting; you should hit the brown in the
    center of the room.  Aim for the toxic waste barrel on the right
    to toast the man in the right half of the room.  Come forward and
    either shoot the man on the left or aim for the toxic waste barrel
    near him to incinerate him.  Come forward to the end of the room.
    In front of you is the exit, but don't use it yet.
19. At some point you should have heard a "trip" sound.  You stepped on
    something that activated a device.  What you did was to lower the
    platform the two (now dead) browns were standing on, leading to the 
    second secret area.
20. Go around to the right and left sides of the room and collect any
    health, armor or ammo supplies found.
21. Go to the exit door, aim for the center and strike the door, and
    "come in blasting".  This should kill the brown who is standing
    behind the door.  At this point you could pick up the materials
    in the exit room and push the exit trigger on your right, or...
22. Backtrack to the entrance to this room.  Open the door and come
    out of the corridor.  The platform is now down, and you can enter
    the area in the back.  Be careful to come in slowly and blast the
    shotgun toter next to the supplies.
23. In version 1.2 there is a third secret.  Come back to the zig-zag
    path and go all the way back to the entrance at step 14.  Come
    forward near the wall and you should hear a trip sound.  Now, in the
    far right corner of the hidden room is a hidden elevator which will
    close very shortly after opening.
24. Back up and come forward quickly, using the shift key for speed.
    Move straight to the elevator platform and wait.  It will take you 
    up and into an area of some additional items, leading to an overview of
    the zig-zag room.
25. Step out into the air and return to the path.  Continue forward
    on the path to the forward door, through to the exit door, and
    strike the button on the right to exit the level.



Q: How do I do E1L2?

(Many thanks to Paul Robinson <PAUL@TDR.COM> for this info. - Ian.)


Note: there are health, ammo and extra armor items all over the place;
grab them as you find them.
1.  As you enter, three men will approach ahead of you.  Blast them.
2.  Men are on your right and left.  Kill any in the immediate vicinity.
3.  Sometimes, hiding behind the post on the right is another man.  If
    you aim for the toxic waste barrel to the left of that post, this
    should incinerate that man if he's still there.
4.  In front of you is a raised room on a short set of stairs.  Inside on
    the left is an elevator leading to a shotgun and shells, and a brown
    fireshooter in there who will eventually come out, so watch for him.
5.  On the right of that raised room there will be at least one more
    man and one hiding behind a post in front of you.  Come forward
    to that post and you will find several more far to the left.
    Turn and shoot the toxic waste barrel when they are near to it,
    then kill the survivors.
6.  Go backward to the right side of the raised room; there is a secret
    door where the color is different.  Inside is a green armor, a back
    pack, and a red switch.
7.  To activate the access to the outside compound, push the red switch.
8.  Exit the room and turn to the right.  You will now be back to the right
    of where you started from.  Go forward toward the initial entrance
    until you see the toxic waste barrel on the left side.  Shoot it to
    toast the man standing next to it.
9.  Turn around and enter the door there.  Come up to the top of the
    stairs; on the right is a window to a compound; watch on the left
    for the continuation flight up: there will be a brown fireshooter
    at the top of those stairs. Kill the brown and come up.  There is
    one man on your right and two on your left.
10. Kill them.  On your right and left are more supplies; to the right
    is another window to the outside compound; on the left is the red
    keycard, the first keycard in the game.  Grab it and turn around
    coming forward to the center of the room.
11. There is another flight of stairs down on your left.  Go forward
    to the turn.
12. If there is a man on the bottom of the stairs to your left, kill
    him.  If you did not perform step 7 or don't want the supplies,
    continue at step 14.
13. If you have performed step 7, there is a doorway open in front of
    you.  To get the supplies there go through the doorway.  There
    will be a number of men on your right as you step outside into
    the compound.  This is the compound that was outside of the stairs
    and the keycard area.  Move to the right side around the building,
    killing anyone you find.  Pass the blue sphere for now.  Watch
    carefully as you come around the far end, as they sometimes wait
    until you get in range there to shoot at you.  After you kill
    everyone you will find a box of bullets and your first new weapon,
    a chaingun.  Come back, grab the sphere to give you a 100% increase
    in energy.  Come back up the stairs to stand at the point you
    exited the building, and turn right.
14. Come forward to the bottom of the stairs and open the door.  The
    raised room is forward on your left.  Come forward to the opening.
    If you have not taken it, you can go left, then inside to the
    elevator that leads to a shotgun and more shells, then come back
    to the opening.  On your right will be a green armor; if your armor
    is less than 100%, take it.
15. Come forward to the end of the raised room and near the door marked
    as requiring a red key.  If you did not blast the barrel in step 8,
    the man is there; shoot him or the barrel he is near before he
    moves away from it.  You can take the elevator he was in front of
    to get to some more ammo and health.  Come forward to the door.
16. Strike the door and begin blasting.  One man is right in front of
    you, another is down a short distance away.  As you enter the
    corridor, two more will appear on your right.
17. Going along the right corridor, it dead ends into a toxic waste
    repository where a brown is near the right side; shoot him as soon
    as you can.  Run through the waste to the post where there is a
    health pack if you have less than 100% health, and a red switch
    on the far side.  If you want the additional secrets, strike the
    switch, otherwise come out to the beginning of the corridor where
    the red door is on your left, the toxin repository is behind you,
    and unexplored territory is right.  Turn right, move forward toward 
    the staircase, and proceed to step 23.
18. Come back out of the repository; a new room has opened up in front
    of you; blast the two men that you will soon see.  There will be a
    brown off in the distance who will begin shooting at you.  Kill
    others as you find them in this maze.  Note that most of this
    area will use "pulsed" light so most areas are dark, pitch black,
    then light, then dark, pitch black, and so on.
19. On the right as you enter is a short corridor, there is a man;
    as you come around the corner, a brown and at the end, another man.
    Along with some items. Kill and collect, and come back out.
20. First secret area:  Keep going towards the right wall and
    eventually this leads to a secret room that you open by shooting at
    the wall.  Inside is a staircase going up.  Somewhere in the middle
    on your right is a secret room with some armor increase.  As you
    climb further you eventually reach the vestibule.  There are two
    men there around the center pit and pedestal.  Shoot them.  There
    will be a brown and possibly a man on the other side of a window
    on your right.  Shoot the toxic waste barrel next to the window
    to incinerate whoever is there.  On the far left is a red button.  
    Strike it to close the pit and lower the pedestal, revealing the 
    first chainsaw in the game.  Take the chainsaw and go back down the 
    stairs.  The game selects the chainsaw, so in most cases you should 
    reselect the shotgun, pistol or chaingun to re-enable them.  Come 
    back to the outside and on the left is the route back to the entrance.
21. Second secret area: go to the left and keep going until you reach the
    far wall.  There will be a couple of men in a short dead end across
    from the secret area who should be terminated with extreme prejudice.
    Strike the wall to open a room containing a backpack.  Return back to
    the main entrance by going on your right.
22. Back at the entrance, the red door is on your right, the toxin
    repository is ahead, and unexplored territory is left.  Turn left
    and move forward toward a staircase.
23. On the stairs will be two men and two browns. Move slowly and
    you can hit them before they see you, same for the browns.
24. Climb about 4/5 up the stairs.  On your left is a small opening.
    This is an elevator down.  This will lead to a health pack and
    is on the other side of the window that you saw from step 20. Go
    back to the elevator and come back to the stairs, where the path
    moves in an "S" or "Z" shape.
25. Follow the path stopping short of the end; it has square pads that
    indicate it's an elevator.  There is a box of shells on the elevator
    and three health packs before it.  To your left is a secret door.
26. If you can, try zipping forward and zipping back to trigger the
    elevator without being on it.  If you do this, it will descend.
    Something nasty - a brown, a man, or both - should come up.  Shoot
    it.  Keep doing this until the elevator comes back empty.  If you
    stay on the elevator you will be in an area with several men and
    several browns plus three brown snipers above you.
27. Turn to your left, strike the secret door.  Move in and watch for the 
28. You will be on a sniper's platform with some supplies.  On your
    left is another brown sniper as well as in front of you.  The
    elevator is below you on your right.  Kill anything you can
    hit, especially the snipers and anyone below.
29. Either go back out through the secret door and down via the elevator,
    or jump off the platform.  At the far end in front of the elevator is
    a knife switch.  This opens two doorways to the right and left.  The
    left one passes over a health pack then joins the right exit.
30. From the join point, there is set of stairs down to a door.  Begin
    blasting as soon as you strike the door.  There are about 5-6 men in
    the room.
31. At the far end of the room is the exit switch.  It is accessed
    through a blue platform elevator which has a couple of browns
    inside the area.  One or both may come up.  If only one does, you
    will have to blast the other at close range.
32. Step forward off the blue platform and strike the red switch to 
    exit the level.



Q: How do I do E1L3?

(Many thanks to Paul Robinson <PAUL@TDR.COM> for this info. I inserted the
map bit from the Doom FAQ. - Ian).


1.  Strike the door and kill everyone ("AKE"), especially on the two sides
    across the pit.  
2.  To the far right is a blue-keyed door.
3.  On the left is the access to the hidden areas via the passage.
4.  Open the left door to the second zone; AKE.  On your left is an opening
    visualizing a power sphere.  Go into the bottom stairs, take the 
    elevator up and kill the brown guy there.  This is the "upper room".
5.  Come back down, go past the bottom of the stairs and around the corner.
    You have to have killed everyone here already.
6.  If you want to be able to access the secret level, continue with 
    steps 7-23 (and ESPECIALLY 15), otherwise skip to step 24.

7.  Press the red button, then go back left and come back up the 
    stairs.  If you were to turn left, on the right will be a window
    into the area accessible from the pit in step 26.  If you open this 
    window they can shoot at you and you at them, but it's hard.  Instead, 
    you would probably want to turn right at the top of the stairs and come 
    forward slowly.
8.  A new opening has appeared on the right.  Approach slowly or come in
    shotgun blasting or gattling gun blazing.  There are several sergeants,
    brown guys and invisible demons, at least two of each.  AKE.

                        Alcove 1 /\ /\
                                 \/    \
                                /   /\   \
                              /     /  \   \
                            /   /\/      \   \
                            \   \        /   /
                            /\   \    /    /
                            \/ \   \/
                        Alcove 2 \     /\    \
                                   \/     \    \
                                            \    \
                                              \ x

9.  Blast all drums to clear out the area.
10. Pick up the yellow key card in the middle of the room.
11. Go back out and listen for the "open" sound.  This occurs about 2 or 3
    steps from the bottom.  Continue out and wait a moment for reset.
12. Using the shift key, move fast up the stairs, to the right around the
    center component to a lowered floor on the far forward wall.  It takes
    very tight timing to reach it (alcove 1. - Ian.)
13. Once you get there, it rises and the wall in front opens; you can then
    step inside.  At least 2-4 enemies will be there; sergeants/browns; AKE.
14. Grab everything you find there.  Step into the acid pit, move to the 
    right (the left opening is too small).
15. When you reach the platform, strike the button.  Next to it is a doorway
    (discolored wall) you can open.  You have now raised the platform in the 
    pit room at the opening of the level.
16. Take the doorway; it leads to an elevator that leads you to the room
    indicated as the "upper room" in step 4 of this procedure.  The wall 
    will open to let you out, then close  Take the  elevator in front of you
    down to the bottom of the stairs to the same spot as step 5.
17. There is another secret area back where the one that lead to the
    pit trigger; it leads to the power sphere you saw in step 4.  Here is 
    how you get to it (alcove 2. - Ian.):
18. Up stairs, turn right, walk toward upward stair area, hold shift, 
    move up stairs, move left around center object to opening on left wall.  
19. At least two browns are on the stairs which curve down and below. AKE.
20. If you reach the bottom, there is a pedestal there, with a switch.  
    Press the switch and the pedestal lowers, producing the power sphere you 
    saw in step 4.    
21. Take it to up your energy, go back up the stairs and the wall will open.
22. Go right around the center object, then right to the down stairs that 
    lead back to the entrance of the second zone.  If you have the blue key
    and want to try hitting both areas, go to step 41.  You could also go to
    the powerup area first, then move fast along the left wall to the area
    that raises the bridge in the opening area.

23. You have two choices; go for both exits or the one that goes to the
    military base.  For the former, go to step 30.
24. For the latter, turn left, open the door and go back to the entrance 
    where a bridge is across the pit.  
25. Walk across the bridge toward the door, shotgun ready.  Near or at the 
    door it will open and a tunnel will rise up; at the end is a brown; 
    shoot him before he shoots back, perhaps moving  backward and off to 
    the side to avoid his flame shot. 
26. Once in the room, the wall will rise to expose lots more bad guys, 
    AKE.  If you opened the window in step 7, you will see it on your left. 
27. Step in a little further and a room to your right opens with some browns
    and pink demons; AKE.  You may want to move backwards into the tunnel.
28. Come further and the back wall opens again, exposing at least 4 browns.
    AKE.  Do this right and you can kill everyone with little or no hits.
29. Come forward and around the wall, leading to the corridor with health
    vials.  Open the exit door, enter the room; on the right is the 
    exit button.  On your left is a secret door that leads to an 
    elevator that takes you to the brown sniper you would see in step 32, as 
    well as the pit inside a pit.  Back below, strike the red button to 
    end the level and jump to the military base secret level.  If you don't
    want that, backtrack to the main entrance.  If you have the blue key, 
    turn left and proceed to step 42.  If you don't have the blue key,
    turn right, go back to the second zone, continue forward to the
    next door, open it, AKE, move forward, then go to step 31.

30. To get the blue key, turn right and open that door, AKE.  Move forward.
31. As you enter the next area, there will be a pit inside of a walkway on
    both sides, the walkway surrounded by a pit.
32. Above you on the tower to the right is a brown sniper.  You may want to
    use a rocket on him, he's hard to hit and keeps ducking in.
33. On and past the pit into the machine area are browns, sergeants and
    pinks demons; AKE when possible; watch for being shot back.
34. in the center of the pit as you approach it is a switch; you can't
    see it until you pass or step into the pit.  If you do step in, you
    take slime health hits until you step on the platform.  Press the red
    button to raise the pit.
35. If you continue forward, you will reach the machine area.  As soon as 
    you enter, to the right is a sergeant next to a drum; off to the 
    far left are pinks and browns.
36. Better is to aim for the drum near the sergeant, killing him, then
    enter and blast as needed, AKE.
37. Move towards what was the left when you entered, going into another room.
38. Move carefully in, being ready to blast the two men who are in the middle
    of the room.
39. The blue card is on a trigger; when you grab it the room lights go 
    out and a secret room opens, spilling lots of enemies.  You can either
    shoot it out or grab the card and turn around, running fast back the way 
    you came, on your right to the left exit.  When facing the keycard 
    platform that secret room of enemies is behind and right; the exit 
    you came in from is behind and left).   
40. Backtrack through the machine area, pit, back to the second zone to the 
    stairs that are leading down.  If you did not perform the procedure in 
    steps 7-22 and still want to try for the secret exit to the military 
    base, take the stairs down, turn left around the corner to the red
    button, and follow steps 7-22.

41. Continue forward opening the original door to the second zone, then turn
    left, bringing you back to the start of the level.  If you have, at 
    some time, performed step 15, there is now a bridge across the platform;
    If you only want to go for the military base, turn to step 25.
42. For the other area, contiue forward, turn left, open the blue-key door.
    AKE, watch for sergeants and others in the corridor before the
    next area.  AKE.  Both the right and left exits go to the same corridor.
    Next to the right exit is a secret room.  If you go forward into the
    corridor and onto the vestibule before the stairs, you will open the 
    door there, or you can open it by striking it.  Save this until you
    clean out the stair area.  Go forward into the stair vestibule AKE.
    Raise the stairs, AKE and clear all enemies until you enter the exit room.
43. If you do not have the yellow key (or don't want to use it) and have 
    not performed step 15 (or you don't want to access the military base), 
    exit now. 

44. If you have the yellow key, go back to the inital corridor you passed 
    through.  On your left will open the secret room.  There is a brown 
    there; kill him and go up the stairs, walking along the causeway 
    to the yellow door.  Open the yellow door and contine in.
45. Below you through a grate-wall, outside will be people fighting.  
    AKE, go back out the yellow-key door and back down and out next to
    the corridor leading to the stair vestibule.
46. If you did not perform step 15 (or don't want to go to the military 
    base), the only place you can go is to the stair vestibule, back up the 
    stairs and exit.  Or you can go back to the main entrance, to the
    second zone, and perform steps 7-21.  At this point, come up the stairs,
    turn right to the entrance to the second zone, come to the main entrance,
    then either go forward, left and forward, up the stairs and exit, or
    when at the main entrance, walk onto the bridge and go to step 25 to
    get to the exit to the military base.

                           End of Spoilers List.



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