Ultimate Doom, E4M2 Recipe

                 Thy Flesh Consumed: Perfect Hatred

                By Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org)

                       Last Change: 13/Jan/98

At the start, jump across to the island on the left of the yellowed
pillar. If you fall off, go right around to the right - there is a
passageway that brings you back to the start.

Turn to your right and press the face. Behind you, in the outer cliff
wall, a door opens. Shoot the bad guys (STBG) and jump across. There
is now an open room visible across to your right with some imps and
seargents on. STBG now.  Below you is a safe ledge raised above the
ooze. Move forward slightly so that you drop onto it. Turn around and
you'll see a switch. When you press the switch, a walkway rises up
connecting the small area you were on to the open room on the right
(the walkway circles round the ooze pit) - you must run to the
walkway quickly before it rises too high (there's no other way out. I
just pressed the switch and ran backwards with confidence :).  Once
on the walkway, go round to the room that the imps, etc, were in
(note the little gap that you jump across. Let this gap be called
'A'). When you get to the room, some Barons appear (4 of them). STBG,
go back round, grab the goodies and re-enter the main area (jump
across to the left island).

Unless there's a simpler way, I just dropped down and used the
passage round back to return to the start area.

This time, jump to the right hand island, turn to your left and press
the face.  Bad guys appear to your right (Barons and skulls). Shoot
'em. Once dead, jump across to where they came from. You'll see the
island they were on extend off to the right where there's a hole in
the cliff wall - a bonus is visible.  Jump across. Now STBG that
appear (you might have to jump down to get the Baron). Watch our for
spectres here, and some cacos. There are some plasma cells to grab so
don't miss them. Follow the passage up the stairs at the back (watch
out for all the skulls and the Baron to the left. The blue key is
behind the Baron). Jump on the teleporter and you appear back at the
start area.

Now take the left island again and go back to the place where the 'A'
gap is.  The wall where that gap was has now opened up. Follow it.
Some goodies are there to grab and some bad guys to kill (you don't
have to bother with this bit if you don't want to because you have
the blue key now, but the ammo there makes it worth it). A teleporter
pad brings you back to the start area. Take the left island again and
skip across all the way to the blue pillar. Press it and carry on up,
but not all the way up.

This bit gets messy...

Shoot the pink demons. If you walk on up you'll get splatted by the
cyber to your left. The best thing to do is to run on up and zoom
across the area to the door. The door may open (I think there's a
pressure pad somewhere) revealing several cacodemons - if this
happens run away (grabbing the radiation suit), jump off the edge and
just head back to the start area via the rear passage.  Take out the
cacos as they approach. The brave may try to get the cyber to kill
the cacos with its rockets - not easy!

Anyway, if you can survive the cacos, get back to that top area and
run to where the door is. You can end the level at this point if you
want to (the switch at the back of the room where the cacos were does
this), or you can try and kill the cyberdemon.

To kill the cyber, I found the safest way was to grab the rocket
boxes and then nip out from the cover of where the door is to let
loose a rocket every now and then. The cyber generally fires in
bursts of 3. After each burst, jump out (use strafe with speed-on),
fire a rocket and then jump back to the doorway's cover (the cyber
can't see you just there). It'll take a while but it will work.


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