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 "it should be renamed to liesdamnitlies" - dave taylor (id software)

[table of contents:]

[0 - intro:]

quaketalk is an unofficial newsletter dedicated to 'quake - the fight for justice', the new frp action game by id software, the company that brought you the megaselling hits 'doom' and 'doom 2 - hell on earth'. while very little is known about the game yet and id representatives themselves repeatedly say they're only in a conceptual stage (tentative release date, end of '95), i have made an effort to collect and publish whatever quotes and facts (if they can be called that) i found. thus, bare in mind, that everything here could be a total lie, as american 'yes, that really is my name' mcgee (idsoftware) always likes to put it.

feel free to spread this in any form you like. post it to netnews, send it to friends, upload it to a bbs or to other networks such as compuserve and aol. do not, however, alter quaketalk in any way and, in particular, do not remove my email adress or the credits towards the end of this newsletter. if you spread quaketalk to other nets, please drop me a note saying where you uploaded it to.

i'll gladly include info about quake that i may have missed, as long as they have some factual basis. a magazine article, or a posting made by id maybe. if you have a private email, please check with the sender, before you have it published here. please remember to add the source and date of the material you're sending too.

my email adress is joost.schuur@student.uni-tuebingen.de (this has changed again since qt 2.10, so please use this one instead)

[0.1 - the doom-editing mailing list:]

you'll see several references to the doom editing mailing list. this is a mailing list on 'advanced doom editing' that john romero from id is on. this is _not_ a quake discussion forum. we discuss all aspects of doom editing (.exe hacks, wads, be it levels, music, sound, editor/utility writing e.g.) if you would like to join, send mail to majordomo@nvg.unit.no with the following in the body of the mail:

subscribe doom-editing <your_email_adress>

bare in mind that this is not a newbie forum. we like to keep the noise down a bit, so please don't post unless it's of an advanced nature.

as of november, i am no longer in charge of doom-editing, nor do i subscribe to it. if you have a question directly related to doom-editing (no quake questions please) get in touch with the new admin, tom holmes <tom.holmes%224@satlink.oau.org>.

[0.2 - on version numbers:]

quaketalk is updated whenever i get new facts on quake. i'll increase the version number according to how much the new stuff is. future versions may include other segments on quake, maybe not just direct quotes from id people. i'm open for suggestions, if there's something you want to see here, let me know.

updates will be preceeded by a new:. these will be the updates since the last copy. check out the version history at the end too. readers of the html version of qt will find it very helpfull in tracking down recent changes.

[0.3 - quaketalk by mail, finger and www:]

due to numerous requests, the latest quaketalk is now available by email too. if you would like to automatically receive the newest copy, please send me a note at my above adress with the words '[quaketalk by mail]' in the header. this is not an automated service, i'm just massmailing everyone who's on my list, and please remember to drop me a note if your email adress is no longer valid.

new: you should be able to finger quaketalk@doomgate.cs.buffalo.edu soon, to receive the latest quaketalk. also, the .html version is available at http://doomgate.cs.buffalo.edu/quake/quaketalk.html.

new: subscriptions to qt will soon be possible via a nifty form here.

[0.4 - a real quake faq:]

i had already started working on a true quake faq together with hank leukart, the original doom faq author, when it occured to me, that id might not be so happy with that. the stuff in quaketalk is after all, pure quotes. a faq would be a mere speculatory matter at this point. we will reconsider a quake faq when more info on quake comes out, probably not until the beginning of next year. if you wish to contribute or help in a real quake faq. get in touch with us too, please.

[0.5 - disclaimer:]

new: i should clarify that allthough i maintain id's ftp site, i am _not_ an official member of id and do _not_ claim to run an 'official' newsletter on quake. i merely gathere all the interesting tidbits on the net on quake and put them in .txt form. everything i know about quake is in here, so don't mail me for more details ;)

[0.6 - and what else is new?]

new: well, not much really. qt is getting kind of big. i'm thinking of splitting it up. i might decide not to mail the entire .txt file out every time but rather just the changes. an i'll probably also create a quake mailing list. it'll be moderated at first and serve as a distribution medium for qt, and later, when more about the game has been revealed, turn into a standard unmoderated mailing list. how does this sound to you all?

next secttion:[1] magazine articles and the likes
(c) feb '95, jos