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from the doom-editing mailing list ( on fri, 5 aug 94 11:38:19:

quake will be totally externally programmable. a planar surface (as opposed to line triggers, switches, etc.) will have an activation tag. anything with a matching tag will contain the action that should be performed on itself. thus, walking on a certain surface with an activation tag will make the program search the world for matching tags. a match will make the program check the object for the type of action to be done. this allows one action to affect many actions, i.e., walking into a large room can close the door behind you, turn the lights off, raise 5 staircases and release 10 monster holding pens.

from the doom-editing mailing list ( on fri, 5 aug 94 17:25:53:

quake will be extremely modular -- doom was just the tip-of-the-iceberg experiment. we will be more cooperative than you can imagine -- how does uploading the quake server code sound? that way, anyone could recompile quake for any super server system.

quake is in true 3-d. not faked doom 2-d/ 3-d.

from the doom-editing mailing list ( on fri, 5 aug 94 15:56:23 (on sector tagged actions):

total freedom. nothing will be hard coded into the executable. more than likely, the action will be a text descriptor that will match a function name or somesuch.

from the doom-editing mailing list ( on fri, 5 aug 94 16:02:48 (on scanning for sector tags)

for speed, of course we'll be using index lookups. i'm trying to describe the overall idea, not the actual implementation. and depending on our long-range goals with quake, we may not even use indexes if we want the gameworld to be continuously modifyable -- esp. for real-time multi-player connections where a "god" person is building a new structure in the world where 100 people are playing at the same time as the level design in the level they're playing.

from the doom-editing mailing list ( on fri, 5 aug 94 16:02:48:

<much programming structure and ideas deleted>

don't worry. quake will be done right.

from on sun aug 7 21:53 cdt 1994: (credits to scott bessler <>)

> ... i have a question about quake, you have been quoted
> as saying it'll support 100 players.

not me, man. that sounds like something romero would say. the truth is that we have no clue how many players it will support until we're done writing it.

the game will be well-geared to pay-for services where you have a nice server like a medium-end workstation. it will allow more users and still offer smooth play.

the required line speed will depend on a lot of factors. we'll have no idea how fast it will need to be until we've coded it.

from the doom-editing mailing list ( on tue, 9 aug 94 10:09:21

quake has gravity. down is down.

from the doom-editing mailing list ( on mon, 8 aug 94 10:59:20:

in quake, we're aiming for a total d&d fantasy adventure and, yes, there will be dragons! (we hope. remember, we could be lying. :)

that's how quake will be programmed! not one single bit of information will be hard-coded -- everything's external! we will supply a language compiler for the c-type language that we'll use for quake's external code modules.

id software will never again get any code programmed by an outside source (in doom, the only external id code was the sound code.) we will program our own sound code, but are planning to use the vesa sound spec.

quake will be client/server only -- even a single-player quake session will, inreality, be a client/server setup with the client process and server process residing in the same system. we will make the setup as painless as possible.

quake's shareware exe will only work with the shareware version, unless you register (the client), in which case you will be able to play the registered version and all the wads available.

probably an oversight. quake will use none of doom's code. except for the memory zone allocation. the wad utilities will be revised.

quake will run well on a pentium, but a 486 is required. it's just a notch up from doom's requirements386 required, 486 recommended.

hopefully, the initial shareware release will handle real dynamic maps. id's quakenet will definitely have this ability. we're hoping to start another small company that is a pure 24-hour quakefest! (hey -- we want a piece of the action, too!:) it might be a couple dozen players modem-linked into a lightning-speed server, but we're really targeting quake to be the first home cable game -- brought to you through your set-top box and played on your huge tv screen!

quake's level editor is true 3-d. we've just started quakeed.

quakeed is using a real-time 3-d bsp generator. it will be optimized. bsps are awesome tools -- they can be used in many different types of applications. quake will probably use a few different types of bsp trees. the guy that invented bsps visited us and taught carmack even more shit.

quake will not have 1 sprite in it -- all objects will be hi-res 3-d models. texture-mapped polygons, but hi-res so they're not bad-looking. much better than alone in the dark's.

i didn't mention this before, but sound is a major integral part of the quake design and, yes, you will be able to wear a headphone/microphone unit (which we will also sell -- made by koss) and speak to each other (over a lan only) -- but not as a headset comm. you will be "speaking into" the game world, so the closer you are to someone, the louder your voice is. and the monsters have ears, too!

from on thu 11, aug 94 12:25:59:

the quake-by-cable will definatly won't be in the first release -- it's a couple years away at the least :)

from jay wilbur on irc wed aug 24 21:35:32 mesz 1994:

'quake is working. carmack is testing the concepts.' 'a quake faq...already? ... bitchin!' (on quaketalk ;)

from american mcgee on irc september 3rd, 1994:

'yes. this is something that will go into it first thing' (on slippery floor)
'for everyone else it will be very hard. for us it should not be to hard. we will be running it on very fast hp geckos.' (on making a quake level)
'it should not be much larger than doom.' (the size of quake on your hd)
'it will be more of an action game' (as opposed to an rgp/mud)
'we are still working on that idea. i think the only thing you will gain
is a killed/kills thing.' (on players gaining experience) 'ideal would be pentium' (on the ideal system for quake)
'the interactive-ness of the people who will be playing.' (on the most major golly-gee-wizz-bang feature of quake)
'the resolution will be much better.'
'yes, headsets will be a big thing in quake. lan = headset.'
'hammers for sure. i don't know what else.' (on weapons)
'this is one of the main features of quake.' (on 3rd party quake addons)
'there will be some sort of demo out soon enough.'
'there will be some sort of quake start-up package for those of you who want to buy a quake server.'
'there will be gravity.'

from john romero's posting to aol, 1 dec 1994 01:46:36:

okay, people. it seems that everyone is speculating on whether quake is going to be a slow, rpg-style light-action game.


what does id do best and dominate at? can you say "action"? i knew you could. quake will be constant, hectic action throughout -- possibly moreso than doom. i will be concentrating on making quake the most disquieting and upsetting game on the planet. very, very evil. doom's "evil" was really non-existent. quake must be evil -- but correctly done evil that doesn't become tiring and sophomore-ish. it must be honestly and truly disturbing.

what's cooking with quake at this minute?

well, we have our sgi (indigo2) running alias, which is the modeller we are using to create everything with, except the maps. quakeed is in its we have multi-player working right now with lots of connections. players are able to hop in and connect to the quakeserver at any time while a game is going. you can also hop out at will and rejoin later. yes, it is working right now.

oh yeah, our alias to idmodel converter is finished and we have actual alias models in quake's 3d engine. oh yeah, the 3d engine is up and running right now, although it's unoptimized and the texture mapping isn't being done properly yet.

from john romero's posting, 30 Dec 1994 00:07:05

latest quake info:

* quakeed is working and it totally rocks! this is the easiest 3-d editor i've ever experienced. We're just getting a taste of the incredible architecture we'll be able to create.

* sound code is great -- no interrupts necessary. this is a good thing.

* sound effects : thomas dolby is very interested in doing them.

* id staff addition: we're about to hire a major, major programmer. look for an announcement after he comes on board. you coders out there will be very surprised!

* some people were hoping we'd sink big bucks into the character graphics. we've dumped $20K+ into alias, we have an indigo2 system with another on the way. we just bought a $40k hp system and a $20k hp system for development. the models look very cool. there will be no sprites in quake (except for status bar stuff -- maybe); everything is a 3-d model.

the project is proceeding faster than we were expecting it would. network code will be up within a month!

deathmatch is highest on our priority list.

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