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[5 - unconfirmed rumors:]

right now, there are no unconfirmed rumors i am aware of. if there are, they'll go here ;)

[6 - outro:]

no outro yet. maybe next time ;) i know, i know. i keep saying that. heck, what do you want to see in an outro?

[6.1 - credits:]

me,, for doing most of the work ;)
william lachance,, for the pc format article
rick hammerstone,, for getting me a copy of the original quake faq
scott bessler, (jackyl@irc), for an excerpt from his mail with ddt
toby nichols, toby_nichols/t/gb/, for the october pc gamer article
alex lee, (sirace@irc), for the november multimedia magazine article
art s.,, for john romero's profile from aol
jordan feinman,, for john romero's first posting to
dan cerman,, for filling my mailbox with all kinds of neat quake stuff ;)
david laprad,, for the dille/romero interview from the d2 strategy guide
scott starks,, for the second romero posting from
ed belisle,, for the cgw '95 sniplet.

[6.2 - version history:]

1.00  (08/09/94)    - first edition. i simply cut and pasted all the quake
                      quotes from romero and the .plan's in a file and
                      spiffed it up a bit.

1.01  (08/16/94)    - added credits to ddt's email about quake and changed 
                      the intro.

1.10  (08/22/94)    - added the magazine article section and the version

1.11  (08/24/94)    - jayw's brief quake comment on irc added. 

1.20  (08/31/94)    - pc format article added. credits section.

1.50  (09/02/94)    - quake stuff from help@id's .plan added.

1.55  (09/03/94)    - mcgee's comments on quake on irc.

1.55a (09/12/94)    - i'm no longer looking for the original quake faq, thanks
                      to all those who sent me a copy. finger me at 
             for the latest issue
                      of quaketalk.

1.70  (10/14/94)    - october pc gamer article added. comments on a true quake
                      faq. slight restructurisations.

2.00  (10/23/94)    - multimedia article added. table of contents.

2.05  (11/04/94)    - new help@id's .plan info, different email adr. of mine,
                      typos added.

2.10  (11/09/94)    - newest quaketalk now available by mail. new intro.

2.30  (12/03/94)    - id's more detailed quake status info from their .plan,
                      screenshots, previews, demos, beta section.
                      yet another (minute) change in my email adress)

2.40  (12/04/94)    - john romero's first posting to

2.60  (12/12/94)    - romero/dille interview from the d2 strategy guide

2.80  (01/05/95)    - a further romero posting to,
                      a section on 'unconfirmed rumors'

2.90h (02/01/95)    - first official html version. cgw '95 sniplet, new finger
                      service, minor quake update from id.

3.00  (02/13/95)    - www subscription form,
                      'what's new?' section, 
                      vintage quake announcement.
                      romero alpha tester warning, 
                      alpha/beta status

(c) feb '95, jos