-- [4a] ---------- Can I play with other people?

Yes! Descent is a full multi-player game as well. You can
either link up with a fellow player via modem, serial cable, or

One of the advantages that Descent has over other similar games is
that any player can join or leave the game at any time on a network.

For modems, Descent's setup couldn't be easier. For the vast
majority of modems, a simple ATZ sets things up for Descent, and
you're ready to go. You can set this up in the multi-player setup
menu off the main menu.

-- [4b] ---------- Does each computer require a distinct version of the software?

No. Each computer on a net game can be running a copy of the Descent

-- [4c] ---------- Why do different computers play differently on a net game?

When a Pentium and a 386 are playing on a network, there is an element
of "unfairness" to the 386-user. In past games, such as Doom, the
system compensated by reducing the Pentium-user's display to match the
386 display.

However, Parallax and Interplay decided not to take this route, and
to have every computer play at the level it can play at.

-- [4d] ---------- Can I play Descent on the Internet?

One of Descent's shining points is that it can be played over the
Internet using IHHD (Internet Head to Head Daemon - a program
that allows modem games to work over the internet). It's almost
as fast, if not faster than a modem connection! In order to get
started, you need to get the IHHD software compiled for the unix
machine you have your shell account on (sorry slip users). On
IRC in the #descent channel, type /dcc chat descender. then type
/msg descender files. the rest is easy. Once you have the IHHD
Binary for your system, find someone to play. (there's almost
always someone on #descent in IRC who'd like to play). One of
you runs "tcpanswer", the other runs "tcpdialer
machine_name_of_other_player". Once you have connected, each of
you should exit your comm programs (leaving carrier up of
course), load Descent and select multiplayer game, then Establish
Null Modem Link. Presto! You've got a IHHDescent game going.

-- [4e] ---------- Is there a good place to meet other players?

On the IRC (Internet Relay Chat), there is always someone willing
to play in the #descent channel. Of course, they vary in
degrees of skill, but you can often find someone good to play

There is also an IRC 'bot called Descender -- type "/msg
Descender !ls" to see what files you can get from it. It
stores this FAQ and the IHHD software, among other things.

You can often find me (John) there as Bruin. MSG me for a copy of
the most recent FAQ!

-- [4f] ---------- A note about networking and Descent

(Thanks to mdmbkr on #descent on IRC for writing this section.)

Like most multi-player games, Descent uses packets to communicate
with other players in the network. Each packet contains information
that each other player in the network uses to determine the
coordinates and other aspects of the players. For example, say
you are playing in a 2 player network game. Your computer will
broadcast packets to the other player's computer, and the other
player's computer will broadcast packets to your computer.

Like we mentioned above, Descent allows all computers in the
network to run at their full speed, unlike Doom. Doom slows down
the entire network to the speed of the slowest computer
attached. It does this by forcing synchronized transmission to
and from all of the players. Descent, on the other hand, does
not require synchronized transmission. This is why all of the
computers will run at their maximum speed, and that certain
delays (such as those associated with IHHD) do not affect the
playing speed of the game.

However, in some cases, long delays in the reception or
transmission of packets can yield unusual results. Please do
not be alarmed; this is normal, especially if you are using

HTML version of this FAQ done by DrChandra on 95.01.05.