Red Key FAQ

by Mike Newton (

This list is dedicated to the masses who can't seem to get the RED KEY on level 2! I have no long list of people to thank as I wrote this myself...but I'll thank iD for another great game!


As you travel around the river you'll come to a room where you can see the red key in a window of a building surrounded by AstroTurf(TM). Stay on the ledge above the turf and follow it around to the left. You'll see a window. "Run fast" from the ledge through the window (over the turf). Proceed up the stairs to the RED KEY.

The RED KEY is in the grassy area with the demons, spectres, and imps. (near the exit).

< You need the blue key first - if you can't find it, maybe somebody will write a "Blue Key FAQ";) > Go through the blue door. You can see the RED KEY just ahead of you up on a ledge. Continue through this room to the next door. Just inside this door, on your left, is a small crate in the corner. Back yourself onto this crate and a larger crate will fall in the middle of the room. Get on this lifting crate and you can now easily get the RED KEY.

From the start, go left and through the door (which really isn't a door, just looks like one). Follow the lights to the right through the door. Go to the final door on the left, open it and flip the switch. Turn around and go through the door directly in front of you. Go left and follow the river until it dead-ends. Turn left and head up the stairs. On your right at the top of the stairs there is a door. Go through the door and turn right. Follow this around to the water and there's the RED KEY.

<You need the blue key first> Go through the blue door and up the lift. Follow around to the left and down the stairs, straight past the red door and through the next door. Go down the lift, through yet another door. Follow the stairs all the way up and run across to where the RED KEY is.


<You need the yellow key first> Go through the yellow door (in the starting room) and follow the path (staying to the left). You can't miss the RED KEY!


 *LEVEL 10

 *LEVEL 11
Well, you know *where* the RED KEY is (if you don't, just delete DOOM II and go back to PONG:) There are two ways to get it:
1. Go get the blue key (you don't need it, but you need to go get it). After leaving the blue key area (back to the original path), turn right and then look right. Down in the acid there's a door-like-thing in the wall. Go in it and into the teleporter. From the ledge where you exit, run fast to the RED KEY!
2. <you actually need the blue key for this one> Go through the blue door and flip the switch. Continue on and follow the newly raised path to another switch and flip it. Jump down and go up the stairs and now there's a path raised to the RED KEY!

 *LEVEL 12
While there is a red door, there is NO RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 13
<you need the blue key> Go through the blue door to the teleporter up to the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 14
From the start, go right and then right again down the stairs. Follow to second door on right and walk through it and the door behind it. Go to the right and follow to stairs on left, up the stairs and through the door. Directly ahead of you is a diamond-shaped window. "Run fast" through the window to the path dead head. Turn left after the second water channel and follow this to the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 15
From the start, take the lift to ground level. Turn right and follow the outside wall around until you see the building (on your left) surround by a small "red-acid" channel. Follow stairs to the top of the building. Once at the top, look right (at the white teleporter). Back up and "run fast" to the teleporter. From the ledge you exit on run straight to the ledge on the building in from of you and flip the switch. Fall into the room in this building and go in the teleporter. Upon exit, move forward a bit and then back into the teleporter again. Get the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 16
<you need the blue key> In the blue door is the RED KEY. You can't miss it.

 *LEVEL 17
From the start, take the first available left. Follow down the jagged path to the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 18

 *LEVEL 19
From the start, follow the path to room with stairs on both sides and 3 doors. Go through the door on the right, flip the switch to raise the stairs, and go through the secret door at the top of these stairs. Run fast up the stairs inside this door veering right toward the teleporter on the ledge in the corner. Upon exit, move forward then back into the teleporter again. In this room, shoot the west wall to raise the floor. Hit the switch on the raised floor, get on lift, and "run fast" to the raised floor. Go through the door and follow path to the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 20

 *LEVEL 21
<you need the yellow key> Go through the yellow "gate", turn right and follow past the blue "gate". Turn right again and "run fast" to the ledge with the switch. Flip the switch and run to the lowered lift in the acid. Get the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 22
<you need the blue key> Go through the blue door, flip the switch to open the gate. Go through the "gate-thing" toward the "eye-thing". Turn left at the "eye-thing" and hit the skull switch to open the door. Go through the door and hit the skull switch on the left to lower the lift to the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 23

 *LEVEL 24
<you need the blue key> Go through the blue door and walk on the thin "wall-thing" straight ahead. Stay right until you see the hangin' dead guy. Walk toward him and the teleporter he hangs from. Head toward the white teleporter in this room. To get the RED KEY hit the skull switch on the right of where you entered. Then the left (directly behind you now), and lastly straight ahead (now to your left). Welcome to the RED KEY!

 *LEVEL 25

 *LEVEL 26
Straight from the start, hit the switch. Walk forward to the end and turn left. Walk to the end again and hit the switch. Turn around and run to the end and left into the now open door. Follow this around the the home of the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 27
<you need the blue key> Open the blue door, flip the switch, turn around and get the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 28
<you need the yellow key> Open the yellow door and grab the RED KEY.

 *LEVEL 29

 *LEVEL 30