Changes to Doom 2 Levels in 1.7a

This is a complete (I hope) list of all the differences in the doom2.wad between version 1.666 (the one dated August 29) and version 1.7a. (The only thing that changed between 1.7 and 1.7a is the tech support number.)

Level 2: Underhalls

Just to the south of your starting point is a door leading to two switches. The four pillars blocking the east switch has been removed; it must have been too confusing for people, who thought they needed to hit a switch or find a key to open it. Both niches containing those switches now have a "monsters cannot cross" line in front of them. A whole bunch of sectors in that area of the map had a tag value of 4 for some reason (the same tag number as the blue door leading to the exit), but this has been fixed. (I can't see how this would have caused any harm before.) Sector 39 (the little niche just to the right of the west switch) is still unclosed, amazingly enough, even though a bunch of fixes were made right next to it.

Level 14: The Inmost Dens

The crushing ceiling just northwest of your starting point is a bit higher now. And the two trigger lines which open the two parts of the door to the supercharger are a bit farther apart.

Level 15: Industrial Zone

Thing #227, one of the troopers on the north side of the lake, got nuked. No idea why. BTW, you still can't get all the secrets on this level.

Level 17: Tenements

In the northwest area of the map, there's a room with a circular pathway around a caged arch-vile. The teleporter on the floor used to go to an area in the west part of the map; now it goes to the top of the pillar in the center of the map.

Level 18: The Courtyard

The building in the northwest that had a HOM effect on its east inside wall has been fixed, but the HOM effect on the tracks of the door west of the center pillar have not.

Level 24: The Chasm

The area with the red key has a small alcove to the south, behind a lift with a skull switch on it. Before, if you entered the alcove and waited for the lift to rise up, the north wall would have have a HOM effect on it. Now, it has the SILVER1 texture.

Level 25: Bloodfalls

The pillar with the revenant on it can now be lowered by hitting the space bar anywhere on it, rather than just on the east side. The lift to the east of it is now easier to spot, because it has a different texture. The area right in front of the blue door south of the pillar blinks on and off now. The sector just past the (unofficially) secret door leading to the rocket launcher is now marked secret, and some of the textures in that area have been cleaned up. Also, the room with the BFG9000 is now marked secret, and the linedef on its south side (i.e. the north side of the door) is marked secret to help keep this a secret. However, the SOUTH side of the door is not secret, and still shows up plain as day on the automap, so this secret is still not very secret.

Level 28: The Spirit World

Thing #146 (a deathmatch start) got moved slightly south. Also, three more deathmatch starts have been added, for a total of five.

Level 29: The Living End

Start positions for players 2 through 4 have been added.

Other stuff:

The tech support number in ENDOOM has changed. The three demos haven't changed, but their version numbers were updated so that they'll work on the new version without an error.