Level 3 Secrets

In the main room, south of the two sets of stairs and the rocket launcher, is a small outcropping with a ledge. You can make it over the ledge if you run southeast at the right angle from the raised area west of the stairs. Try standing at <b8cf79f,e2495ca> at angle dbf00000 (or thereabouts) and running straight forward. Alternatively, if you have hit the switch behind the blue doors in the northeast corner of that area, there will be a raised platform leading to a teleporter north of the outcropping. Walk north along the platform as far as you can without entering the teleporter, then run south (use the shift key to run).

Once you make it, walk through the south wall to a small room (#1), containing a supercharger and partial invisibility. There is also a teleporter to the tower with the rocket launcher.

After you hit the switch behind the blue doors in the northeast corner of the large open area to the east, a secret door opens in the slime in the southwest corner of that area, just west of secret #1. (This was added in Doom 2 1.9.) There's another door just behind it, so you might not notice unless you look closely. The door behind it can be opened manually, to reveal a backpack, and a double-barrelled shotgun in multiplayer mode.

Hitting the switch behind the blue doors also opens another secret door in the niche that was opened when you got the blue armor in the starting room. Behind this door is a teleporter which leads to the area with the backpack mentioned above.


 1  67 < da00000, ac90000> ( 3488,  2761)

To get a .lmp of me finishing this level with 100% secrets, kills, and items, click here. (You'll need Doom II 1.7a to view it.)
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