Level 4 Secrets

The hallway south of the starting point leads to a staircase, then curves east to a door. On the left side of the corridor are some windows into rooms containing armor and lots of sargeants. Near the east end of the corridor, there is a hidden door on the north wall, just to the right of the window, which lets you into the south windowed room (#1), and from there to the north windowed room.

On the way to the blue key is a room with a lava pool in the northwest. Jump in the pool; there is a secret door to the north, leading to a room (#2) containing a double-barreled shotgun.

Once you get the red key, walk east off the platform. There is a teleporter there, which takes you to the area just south of the staircase mentioned above.


 1  15 <fdca0000, 4890000> ( -566,  1161)
 2  14 <fe020000, 34b0000> ( -510,   843)
 3  43 <ff9f0000, 6250000> (  -97,  1573)

To get a .lmp of me finishing this level with 100% secrets, kills, and items, click here. (You'll need Doom II 1.9 to view it.)
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