Level 6 Secrets

Of the two southernmost pillars in the room just west of the starting point, the eastern one contains a secret. Hit space on its north or east wall to lower it, revealing a megasphere.

The poison river in the room with the blue keycard leads southeast to a room with a teleporter, which takes you to the staircase just east of the plasma rifle.

In the northwest corner of the room with the spiral staircase is a little outcropping with a few chaingun sargeants. You can jump into it from higher up on the staircase. (Don't try jumping straight west; you need to jump a little bit north, too. Try running straight ahead from <1698256,70dce25> at angle <6d480000>.) In the middle of its west wall is a door leading to a secret room with lots of cool stuff, including a megasphere.

Also: the blue door north of the starting room leads to a lift. After lowering the lift, you will see a little room to the south of the lift with some armor.


 1  98 < 4200000, 2600000> ( 1056,   608)
 2 124 < 24e0000, 1130000> (  590,   275)
 3 146 <ff420000, 7520000> ( -190,  1874)

To get a .lmp of me finishing this level with 100% secrets and kills, click here. (You'll need Doom II 1.9 to view it.)
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