Level 7 Secrets

The platform around the end-level switch in the center. Kinda hard to avoid, unless you're playing deathmatch, in which case there is another end-level switch (along with a BFG9000) in the northwest corner of the map. There is no way into that room from the outside, so you can't enter it in single player. There is a deathmatch start in there, however, and you can open the door from the inside.

A lot of people have trouble finishing this level, but it's really not that hard. I have made a .lmp of me finishing Level 7 on ultra-violence, but you'll need Doom II 1.9 to view it. If you don't have that version of Doom II, you'll get an error like "demo is from wrong game version."


 1   1 <fda00000,ff600000> ( -608,  -160)

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