Level 8 Secrets

Through the door east of the starting point is a room with three teleporters; two obvious ones to the left and right, and a third one in the center which you can get to by shooting the lion. All three take you to a small octagonal room with a pillar in the center. The left, right, and center teleporters take you to the north, south, and east ends of the room, respectively. Shoot the north and south sides of the pillar to open up secret doors behind the teleport exits, revealing some ammo (#1), and a chaingun (#2); unfortunately, it also reveals some pain elementals, so you can decide for yourself if it's worth the trouble. From the east end of the room (which is secret #3), if you jump west over the slime to the center of the room, a door will open up in the northeast corner of the room. Actually, hitting space on the door will have the same effect. This door (#4) leads to two radiation suits, ammo, partial invisibility, and a teleporter back to the octagonal room.

Through the door southwest of the starting point is a cacodemon and a chainsaw. As you take the chainsaw, a door will open up revealing a little more of the passageway (#5), containing some ammo and green armor, as well as a baron, who will teleport to the east to block your exit.

In the room with way too many demons are two switches on the south side. The west one opens a door on the north wall leading to another door. If you have hit the switch in the room with all the cacodemons, then this door will be open, leading to a room (#6) with even more demons (though you won't see them at first; some doors open after you pass by them). There is a candle on the east side of it, marking a door which you can shoot open to reveal the BFG9000 (#7).

To get to the exit, open the red door. You will face a bunch of platforms which lower as you walk up to them. If you run fast enough, you can run past them right to the exit door. If you can't run that fast, you can just walk up to the first one and then back up quickly. This will reveal a teleporter in the room with the cacodemons (to the north of the starting point), on the left as you enter the room.


 1   6 < f200000, 74c0000> ( 3872,  1868)
 2 125 < f200000, ae40000> ( 3872,  2788)
 3  12 <10550000, 9200000> ( 4181,  2336)
 4   9 <102c0000, a290000> ( 4140,  2601)
 5  57 < 2f40000, 9500000> (  756,  2384)
 6 100 < bc00000,10320000> ( 3008,  4146)
 7  98 < ea40000,11400000> ( 3748,  4416)

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