Level 9 Secrets

West of the starting point is a corridor leading to the supercharger. Once you get it, one of the corridor walls will open up, revealing a doom containing a rocket launcher and two rockets. You can try to jump for the launcher, or you can just walk off the northeast edge of the platform on the southwest corner of the room; the floor will raise up so you can easily get the launcher (#1). Once you do, some doors to the north and east will open up, revealing some sargeants. If you try to walk onto the platform with the rockets (#2), some doors will open up behind you revealing a wall of chaingunners, who will probably negate whatever benefit the supercharger gave you. :-)

On the east side of the map is a room with a hexagonal structure with imps and sargeants firing down at you. If you walk up to the structure, the ledge that the bad guys are standing on will lower you, allowing you to walk up onto it (#3). On the north side of the structure is a door leading to interior of the structure (#4), which is crammed with imps and lost souls. Opposite the door, and a bit to the right, is a hidden door leading to the BFG9000 (#5).

In the northeast corner of the map is a spiral staircase of sorts, a large, circular series of steps that lower as you walk up to them. If you make it all the way up the staircase (clockwise), you can jump down to an area with ammo, a supercharger, blue armor, beserk, and a teleporter back to your starting point.


 1 109 <fc600000, 2600000> ( -928,   608)
 2 118 <fd070000, 3050000> ( -761,   773)
 3  16 < 5c00000, 6db0000> ( 1472,  1755)
 4  17 < 5ac0000, 6c00000> ( 1452,  1728)
 5  22 < 5840000, 6ec0000> ( 1412,  1772)
 6  43 < 2d50000, c950000> (  725,  3221)

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