Level 10 Secrets

The round skylit room south of the starting point has four big brown pillars, each of which contains a secret area. These pillars open when you enter the room from various directions. When you enter from the south, the center (#1) and south (#2) pillars open doors facing each other; they contain health and various monsters. The south one contains a radiation suit, which can come in handy, since all these secret areas have acid floors. When you enter from the west, the east pillar opens, revealing health, ammo, and various monsters, which may include a pain elemental or two (#3). When you enter from the east, the west pillar opens, revealing the same sort of thing (#4).

In the northeast corner of the map is a room with a lot of sargeants and former humans. There are a lot of small niches in this room; several of them have secret doors behind them which you can shoot open. You can usually identify them by the fact that they have the large white UAC logo on them, rather than the small gray ones. There are five such secret doors; behind them, you can find a supercharger (#5); light amplification and 200% armor (#6); health, armor, demons, a backpack, and a teleporter (#7) (the teleporter, which is behind the door at the end of the hidden hallway, takes you to room in the southwest (#8), with a invulnerability and an ammo box, just west of the room with the cyberdemon); an energy pack (#9); and armor, a beserker, ammo, and various monsters (#10). Also, the switch in the southeast corner of the room opens a door to a hidden hallway (#11) which leads to the room with all the arachnotrons.

In the southeast corner of the arachnotron/revenant room is a secret door to a hallway (#12) leading south; it contains light amplification goggles. The secret door you emerge from is marked with green pillars. Up the steps to your north is another secret door, also marked with green pillars; it contains armor, beserk, and ammo (#13).

In the room with the rocket launcher on the pedestal, northwest of the room with secret door #13, you can run past the rocket launcher and get onto the north ledge with the imps on it (#14). There is some health and green armor up there. The ledge on the south side of the room is actually a lift, which you can lower by hitting space. There are two boxes of rockets up there (#15).

In the northwest, there is a room with two acid floor areas and some pillars with stuff hidden behind them. On the southwest wall, there is a section of wall with mismatched texture; when you walk near that section of wall, a door opens in the northwest acid pool. The door leads to a megasphere, which counts as three secrets (#16, #17, #18).

Also note that just southeast of your starting point is a secret door to a room with some goodies, but it's not an official secret.


 1 114 <fda20000, 2480000> ( -606,   584)
 2 111 <fda00000, 1380000> ( -608,   312)
 3 112 <ff200000, 2800000> ( -224,   640)
 4 116 <fc260000, 2800000> ( -986,   640)
 5   5 < 5c00000, 8c40000> ( 1472,  2244)
 6  12 < 3c60000, 7000000> (  966,  1792)
 7  26 < 80a0000, 5c00000> ( 2058,  1472)
 8 180 <f8b00000,f9600000> (-1872, -1696)
 9  34 < 57a0000, 5400000> ( 1402,  1344)
10  49 < 37d0000, 4d50000> (  893,  1237)
11  80 < 6400000, 3480000> ( 1600,   840)
12  74 < 7a50000,fbbd0000> ( 1957, -1091)
13  71 < 6840000,fc000000> ( 1668, -1024)
14 101 <  600000,fffb0000> (   96,    -5)
15  59 <  1c0000,fcc00000> (   28,  -832)
16 120 <f8e00000, 4f00000> (-1824,  1264)
17 121 <f8e00000, 4e00000> (-1824,  1248)
18 122 <f8e00000, 4e00000> (-1824,  1248)

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