Level 12 Secrets

In the northwest corner of the big main building is a room with jagged walls (#1); it contains a BFG9000 and lots of chaingunners. To open the door leading there, you must hit the switch in the southeast corner of the room with the blue door facing northwest. Note that there is a radiation suit in the southwest corner of that room.

The room with the blue door facing northeast (with the platforms that lower as you reach them) contains a teleporter to a ledge facing northeast outside the building. From there, you can jump down to the southwest and get three boxes of ammo (#2). Hopefully you already killed the mancubus. This room also contains a switch which helps you get secret #4.

In the southwest corner of the map is a small building with some crates. High on the east wall are a chaingun and some ammo (#3); you can get to them by stepping from crate to crate until you get to the lift (the switch), and then use the lift to get up to ledge they're on. In the southwest corner of the room is a teleporter which takes you to the square structure in the center of the big main building. If you hit the switch mentioned in #2 already, then the center of this structure will be raised up so that you can just grab the supercharger (#4). If you haven't, then you'll be surrounded by four imps scratching away at you. Kill them and hit the switch, which will raise the floor up so you can get the supercharger.

There is no red key on this level. Once you enter the room which leads to the exit, you can't leave, unless you're playing deathmatch.


 1  26 <fd950000, 3000000> ( -619,   768)
 2  85 < 3040000, 2c00000> (  772,   704)
 3 155 <fef80000,fc730000> ( -264,  -909)
 4 122 <ffa00000, 1200000> (  -96,   288)

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