Level 15 Secrets

Get the red card key. (See below for help on how to do this.) Then jump down to the ground, just to the east of the platform the red key is on. There is a beserk box there. Hit the space bar on the crate just to your east to lower it, and get the stimpack (#1).

The red card key is not a secret, but a lot of people have trouble finding it, so here are some directions on how to get it. Go to the building with the staircase; the one with the lava pit around it. It's northwest of the diamond-shaped building. Walk up the stairs to the top. Stand in the southeast corner of the top floor and run west into the teleporter on the other structure you see in front of you. The teleporter will take you to the ledge of another building. Walk straight ahead (east) to the end of the ledge; you'll see another ledge, on the red key building to your east. Kill any monsters you may see on the ledge. Then, jump over to that ledge (don't get too much of a running start, or you'll hit the wall above it). Hit the lion switch, then jump down into the building and take the teleporter in the southeast corner. You'll appear in another teleporter. Walk forward a bit and then step back into the teleporter, then take the red key you see in front of you.

An easier way to get this (but probably not the "official" way) is to go up to the building with the red key in it, just southeast of your starting point. Walk to the southwest corner; in the middle of the south side of the building is a corner, where a small bit of wall juts out. Stand in this corner facing northeast and hit space. (You can also hit this switch from inside the building.) Then enter the building through the lift in the northwest corner, and take the teleporter in the southeast corner. Walk forward, then backward, then take the red key.

Take the teleporter in the southeast corner of the red card key building. Walk out onto the ledge, then go to the north end and drop into the opening to the west, falling down to the main floor of the building. Then walk out the west exit. Go back and take the teleporter in the red card key building again, and walk north and west again; this time, the floor has risen up to the level of the ledge on the north side of the building. From here you can jump south onto the platform with the ammo and chaingun (#2).

Go to the top of the building northeast of the diamond-shaped building. Just north of the teleporter is a secret door on the east wall (#3). Go through down onto the acid pool; to the north is a backpack and some rockets.

Go to the top of the diamond-shaped building on the north shore of the acid lake; walk to the south ledge of the building. Jump south down onto the small island with the radiation suit and energy cells. (Try walking instead of running.)

A more foolproof way to get onto this island is to go to the top of the building in the southwest corner of the map, then run east through the ramparts. Two torches on the ground mark the place where you should jump.

When you get on the small island with the radiation suit, hit the switch, then jump off and go northeast to the east side of the lake. Go through the door you find there; through it, you'll find a platform with an invulnerability sphere (#4).

In the southeast corner of the map is a building with a spiral staircase. Go up and around the staircase. As you turn to go south, a door will open to the east. Run south across the lift, then east, then run north, jumping across the lower hallway; there you'll find an open door (#5) revealing a megasphere (#6). Now go up the stairway again. As you go south over the lift, a door will open up on the north wall, behind you. Go through the door into an area with energy cells and lost souls (#7). Go east into a small opening with a switch. Hitting the switch will cause a teleporter to appear in the hallway to the west. Enter the teleporter; it will take you to a platform in the southwest corner of the building with a chainsaw (#8).

Go the building in the southwest corner of the map. At the south end, you will find some stairs going east (unless you haven't hit the switch to raise them). At the top of the stairs is a secret door to the east, revealing a small area (#9) with a teleporter to the top of the square spiral staircase building northwest of the diamond-shaped building. I was not able to get credit for secret #9, even if I walked into the teleporter; so the most I could get for this level is 90% secrets. Instead of taking the teleporter, you could go to the top of the building to the ledge looking north. Hit the switch on the west wall, then jump down to the ground and go back through the front door of the building. Go into the acid river and follow it north to the lift, which takes you up to another ledge where you'll find a plasma gun and ammo (#10). Now go back to the south end of the building and go south through the acid river tunnel. If you got secret #4, there will be a secret door leading south in the tunnel (#11) leading to a teleporter to the secret level (level 31).


 1 290 < 11c0000,  600000> (  284,    96)
 2 276 <fd880000,ff500000> ( -632,  -176)
 3 104 < 4c80000,fc800000> ( 1224,  -896)
 4  53 < b000000,f5800000> ( 2816, -2688)
 5  70 < 8100000,f3c80000> ( 2064, -3128)
 6  71 < 8100000,f3880000> ( 2064, -3192)
 7  47 < 7c30000,f5360000> ( 1987, -2762)
 8  21 < 5440000,f1040000> ( 1348, -3836)
 9 147 <  380000,f1e00000> (   56, -3616)
10 216 <fc970000,f5770000> ( -873, -2697)
11 195 <fce00000,f0340000> ( -800, -4044)

To get a .lmp of me finishing this level with 90% secrets (which is the best you can do) and 100% kills and items, click here. (You'll need Doom II 1.9 to view it.) I meant to point out the location of secret #9, even though you can't get credit for it, but I forgot. Sorry.
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