Level 18 Secrets

When you walk around the pillar in the center of the main area, a number of doors will open up, including two against the wall west of the center pillar. Of these two doors, the north one leads to a BFG9000 and some more monsters (#1). (The south one has a hall of mirrors effect in the door tracks.)

When you walk counterclockwise around the pillar in the center of the main area, a door will open up northeast of the pillar leading to a teleporter, which takes you to the platform southwest of the pillar. The platform (#2) contains some rockets, health, and blue armor. The teleporter will not be there until you hit the switch on the northeast corner of the plus-shaped structure just to the south of it (the one containing the cacodemons).

In the northwest corner of the map, hidden between the structures on the north and west walls, is a corner with a small bit of grass. Walking into the grass teleports you to the northeast corner of the map, on a ledge containing a medical kit and a computer map. (Note that the building just to the east of the bit of grass has an unclosed sector inside it in version 1.666; you can see out the east wall.)

In the east area of the map is a hallway ending at a blue wall with a skull switch. Hitting the switch opens a hidden door revealing a chaingun (#4).

If you're having trouble getting out of the starting room, shoot a pistol or shotgun at the door with the lion on it.


 1  17 <f7f40000, 3f60000> (-2060,  1014)
 2  36 <fa050000,ff050000> (-1531,  -251)
 3  76 < a300000, 4300000> ( 2608,  1072)
 4  74 < 8b00000,  940000> ( 2224,   148)

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