Level 19 Secrets

In the southwest corner of the main building is a room with a switch in the middle which opens doors leading north and south. Hit the switch and go north. At the intersection, go west, and north through the door into a room with health, partial invisibility, and lots of imps (#1). Then go back to the intersection and go north. At one point, you'll meet a hallway leading off to the northwest. Just south of this hallway on the west wall is a secret door. (It's just north of the place where it LOOKS like there's a secret door.) This door leads through a short hallway (#2) to a lift, which leads to a hall leading northwest (#3) and stops at a window. Jump out the window to the northwest. You should be able to reach the steps of the building to the northwest (#4). The building has two openings leading inside. Try the south one first; when you finish in there, an area will open up to the northeast with lots of troopers and a computer map (#5).

The north opening leads (eventually) to five teleporters. The middle one leads to the pillar in the middle of the castle, which contains a rocket launcher. The other four lead to the four corners of the castle. Take the northeast one; in the northeast corner of the castle (#6), you will find the BFG9000, some demons, and the blue key. Or, take the southwest one; there you will find a chainsaw and the yellow key (#7). An easier way to get to the southwest tower is to go to the southwest room of the castle with the doors on the north and south; take the south door, and walk down the corridor until you hear a door open, then run back and walk through the open door to your left.

In the southeast corner of the map is an area at the top of some steps with two things that look like switches to the north. They're not switches, but there's a hidden door between them. Go through the door and up the steps, and hit the switch you see there (on the east side of the wall) 3 times. Then jump down to the north onto the platform you've raised up, and from there jump onto the platform in the northeast corner of the room. Go through the teleporter, and you'll get a supercharger (#8). Go south a bit and then north, and you'll be teleported to a platform in the southeast area of the castle. Jump to the platform to the northwest (this platform appears when you shoot at the imps in the southwest corner; the room that they are in is missing its north wall, BTW) and go through the door, then down the steps to get the red skull key and some rockets (#9).


 1  43 <fdc20000,ffe20000> ( -574,   -30)
 2  97 <fd860000, 1a00000> ( -634,   416)
 3  95 <fc360000, 1e60000> ( -970,   486)
 4 100 <fa350000, 5a90000> (-1483,  1449)
 5  85 <f9270000, 73c0000> (-1753,  1852)
 6  33 < 6430000, 5300000> ( 1603,  1328)
 7 126 <fdb70000,fc640000> ( -585,  -924)
 8  38 <ff200000,ffad0000> ( -224,   -83)
 9  52 < 5400000, 1910000> ( 1344,   401)

To get a .lmp of me finishing this level with 100% secrets, kills, and items, click here. (You'll need Doom II 1.9 to view it.)
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