Level 20 Secrets

The structure just south of your starting point consists of a building with a walkway around it to the south entrance. (The walkway may not be there if you have not tried to get to the structure; just walk south from the starting point to raise the walkway.) In the southwest part of the "moat" (the poison area between the walkway and the building) is a small opening, containing an energy cell pack and a radiation suit (#1). Once you have the radiation suit, you can safely walk around the moat to the other side, where there is a teleporter leading back to your starting point.

At the top of the structure on the east side of the map is a teleporter. (To get there, jump down into the slime just east of your starting point and walk north through the little door, up the steps (shoot the wall that's in your way), and jump down from the window. Then hit the switch to lower the lift to the entrance of the structure, and fight your way up to the top.) The teleporter takes you back to the starting point. Just to the left of the teleporter is a hidden door which takes you through a small room (#2) with another teleporter, which goes to a tower on the north side of the structure. In all likelihood, you'll teleport right on top of a pain elemental, killing it before it has a chance to fire any of those damn skulls.

There are two towers west and east of the circular area to the north of the main building. There's nothing on the east one, but the west one (#3) has a megasphere on it. To get there, take the big demon teleporter in the circular area. Walk down the stairs and kill the bad guys. (Note that just south of the stairs, down in the slime, is a teleporter leading to the area where the cacodemon was hiding. There's blue armor and some health up there.) Then jump across to the dark area east of the stairs. Instead of walking south to the green armor, find the hidden path leading northeast in the dark to the teleporter, which takes you to the megasphere.

The structure west of the circular area to the north of the main building (not #3--the thing to the northwest of it) has a supercharger (#4) and a BFG9000 in it. To get there, grab a radiation suit if you have one, and walk northeast through the slime to the building with the teleporter to #3. Walk around the southeast corner of the building, looking for a staircase; there should be some flaming skulls there to mark the place. Walk up the stairs to the teleporter, which takes you to the structure to the west. Hit the switch to raise the platform, and kill all the bad guys. If you don't see the BFG9000, shoot your pistol out the east window at the big demon teleporter, and a door behind you should open revealing the BFG and some ammo. Then hit the switch on the south side of the room to reveal the supercharger (#4). Unfortunately, there's a teleporter in the way, which takes you back to the demon teleporter; fortunately, there are two secret doors to the left and right of the teleporter, which you can take to get to the supercharger (through another secret door to its west or east). The left one has an arch-vile in it (#5), so I suggest you take the right one, which contains an energy cell (#6), unless you want 100% kills and secrets; but if you didn't, why would you be reading this?

In the room with a staircase leading to a plasma gun, there is a secret door on the south wall, leading to a small room (#7) with a supercharger on the west end.

If you're wondering how to kill the cyberdemon and spiderdemon, here's how: get them to kill each other. Run to the east of them, allowing the cyberdemon to get caught in the spiderdemon's fire. After the spiderdemon gets killed, it will be easier to kill the cyberdemon. Or, if you're low on ammo, you can walk around the cyberdemon and spiderdemon while they're fighting and hit the switch. This will open up doors revealing more ammo and monsters. You can get the cyberdemon to help kill the other monsters, and then use the extra ammo to kill the cyberdemon.


 1  56 < 8360000,ee3e0000> ( 2102, -4546)
 2   4 < ece0000,f5ff0000> ( 3790, -2561)
 3 101 < 5200000,fbf00000> ( 1312, -1040)
 4 127 < 2600000,ff180000> (  608,  -232)
 5 132 < 2210000,ff1c0000> (  545,  -228)
 6 128 < 29e0000,ff1c0000> (  670,  -228)
 7  59 < 6730000,f1270000> ( 1651, -3801)

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