Level 24 Secrets

Your starting point is located in a small opening in the north side of a building. The main entrance to the building is around the walkway a short distance to the east, but you can't get in, because the entrance is too steep. To raise the stairs up, first fall into any of the teleporters in the slime on the floor of the southeast corner of the map, north and south of the building you're trying to get into. You should appear south of a series of tower. Jump down from tower to tower, working your way east to a small area with a teleporter. That will take you to another teleporter. Go straight (east) and hit all the switches in that area. That should raise the stairs at the main entrance of the building, so get back there by going back to the teleporter, and go through it to the teleporter at the base of the series of towers. Then run west to the teleporter on the acid floor. That will take you back up to the south tower, so run northwest to get back to the building near the starting point. Once you get inside (#1), you'll see three things sticking out of the north wall. Hit space on the first one you come to; it will lower a lift to your south, which leads to a small area with some ammo (#2).

This is the invulnerability in the west part of the map, which is not that hard to find; just follow the annoyingly thin walkway west. You can jump down onto it, but then you'll be stuck there; you'll have to get off that platform and wait for the floor to rise up, then walk to one of the surrounding walls, and hit space until you get back up to the level of the walkway. At that point, the invulnerability will have worn off. A better idea is to get a radiation suit and jump down into the moat around it, and then hit space on the surrounding walls until it reaches the level of the platform the sphere is sitting on, then grab it; then the floor will raise up to the level of the surrounding walls, and you can get out. Or you can try jumping down just to the left or right of the invulnerability sphere, enough to get the floor to raise up and take away the poison; then grab the sphere, and hit space a few more times to get back to the walkway.

The south area of the map has a shotgun with a small walkway to its south. If you get the shotgun, an opening will appear to the south revealing some monsters. After killing the monsters, you can jump down into the opening to get some ammo and health (#4). When you jump back, the floor around the shotgun will rise up and become non-toxic.


 1  98 <ff000000,f8540000> ( -256, -1964)
 2 116 < 1000000,f6870000> (  256, -2425)
 3  62 <f5400000,fec00000> (-2752,  -320)
 4 123 <fda00000,f1d00000> ( -608, -3632)

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